Google has announced that Android Wear is updating to include support for interactive watch faces.

The idea is that - with just a tap - your watch face will now be able to change design, reveal more information, or even launch an app. With this type of functionality, your watch face will not only be more engaging but also useful. You'll get access to what you need or want to see quickly, without having to go into your watch and open a watch app entirely.

Here's everything we know about Android Wear interactive watch faces so far...

Click here to see an animation for the Pujie Black watch face. Watch it to see how one example of an interactive watch face works. You can see that just touching the calendar indicator will change the watch face to show the agenda for the day. Simples.

Google showed off a few other third-party examples that are already available. One watch face, called Bits (see here), allows you to choose from a variety of at-a-glance information, such as weather, unread mail, or upcoming meetings. And an Under Armour watch face (see here) will let you view your step count, calories burned, and distance traveled. But we especially liked the Together watch face (see here).

Together lets you pair your watch with a friends' watch in order to stay connected throughout the day. It turns the entire watch face into a space for sharing things like photos, emoji, and activities. So, if you’re working out or on the phone, your friend will know. Sort of creepy but also cool.

In theory, developers can make their interactive watch faces so that you can get all the information you need without ever leaving your watch face. All your stuff will be accessible with just a tap on the home screen. So, in a way, watch faces will perform like full-fledged apps.

Developers can now add a variety of new functions and features right onto the watch face without cluttering the interface, so it'll be interesting to see where they take interactive watch faces going forward.

Google says this update is rolling out to all Android Wear watches in the coming weeks.

Check out Google's blog posts (here and here) for more details.