We always want you to be the first to have the coolest and newest gadgets, which is why we’re letting you know that the insanely fun SKEYE Mini Drone with an HD camera is coming in September.

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The SKEYE Mini Drone is more than just impressive stunts - though with plenty of flips, rolls, and tricks, it certainly offers that. It also offers super smooth flying, precision-controlled steering and six-axis stabilization - not to mention, both beginner and advanced flight mode so anyone at any experience level can have fun with it.

Best of all? The attached HD camera lets you record every move during the SKEYE Mini Drone's 8 minutes of flight time. You can even fly it at night, thanks to the attached LED lights.

Don't miss your chance to flip and drip with the SKEYE Mini Drone for 34 per cent off. Pre-order it now at Pocket-lint Deals and get it in September for $64.99 (£42) and free shipping.