A set of videos have surfaced that might give us a first look at the new Nexus 5 and Huawei Nexus designs. 

The new Nexus 5 (2015) is rumoured to be manufactured by LG and has been subject to a wide range of speculation, alongside the rumours of a second Nexus device to launch from Huawei.

These videos might give us a first glimpse at how the devices will look, although its worth explaining where these videos have come from.

Uswitch has partnered with @OnLeaks to produce the video renders in tandem. This isn't an official release, it's based, purportedly, on schematics passed to accessory manufacturers, that they would then make cases from.

We've seen a number of design leaks come from case manufacturers in the past, and this video render is sort of a reverse engineering of this situation, creating an idea of what the phone might look like, based on an idea of what the cases might look like. 

So, take it with a pinch of salt as there's no guarantee that this is what the final device would look like and there's no suggestion of materials or finishes given here, although it's been said that a metal frame will play host to a plastic back on the new Nexus 5, below.

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However, @OnLeaks has a respectable track record of smartphone leaks, so it's worth looking at what has been produced while we await the expected launch in October.

There are dual front-facing speakers in evidence, but the real interest might be in the fingerprint scanner placed beneath the camera on the rear.

We've seen this arrangement before on the HTC One max, although we suspect that things will be much advanced now, with a more sensitive optical reader than older swipe scanners.

We can also see the USB Type-C connection on the bottom, with its distinctive cut-out. Neither of these should come as any surprise: both are supported in the next build of Android M and at Google I/O, the company teased that they would be appearing in devices soon.

Then we have the Huawei device. This is said to be a larger 5.7-inch handset, again has the fingerprint scanner on the rear and it appears to have a metal build, similar to previous devices we've seen from the Chinese company.

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So, cast your eyes over what the next-generation Nexus smartphones might look like.