You’re at your desk. You're caffeinated. You should be working on your presentation for tomorrow's meeting…but wait, someone just chatted you. And you haven't checked reddit all day. And you need to check whether Grumpy Cat is still grumpy. And you wonder what your cousin's coworker's friend's ex-girlfriend is up to, so you hop on Facebook and scroll through her photos from the past seven years or so. Sound familiar? Bad news: if you're doing it, so is the rest of your team.

That's why we're making the Time Doctor app completely free for a limited time. Get the app now at Pocket-lint Deals and learn how it can help you (and your officemates) stop wasting time and get more done.

Normally priced at $60 (£39), this deal is not to be missed. The makers of Time Doctor know how hard it is to stay on track with the Internet at your fingertips, so they've created an app that will help you out. Not only does it track where time is spent during work time - for both you and your team - it also gives a gentle nudge when it detects an excessive amount of time spent on Facebook and the like.

Time Doctor will even integrate with project management platforms like Asana, Basecamp, Trello, JIRA, and more - you can even integrate your payroll.

Stop wasting time and start tracking it. Get the Time Doctor app for free at Pocket-lint Deals