The Apple iPhone 6S appears to be coming soon after it leaked, in part, recently.

The rear plate of what's claimed to be the iPhone 6S has been shown off in a video on the YouTube channel, UnboxTherapy. Specifically it was revealed to have some strengthening and size changes over the current iPhone 6.

The new iPhone 6S may not suffer the bendgate fate of its predecessor.

The video shows that the new iPhone 6S backplate is ever so slightly larger than the current model, in length, height and, crucially, thickness. The new iPhone 6S rear plate appears to be 67 per cent thicker than the iPhone 6 rear.

But it was when the plate got weighed that things became really interesting. Despite being larger than the iPhone 6, the new iPhone 6S rear is lighter.

This would suggest that Apple has opted to use a new material. According to the video this could potentially be the same 7000 series aluminium that's used in the Apple Watch Sport.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 6S along with a larger iPhone 6S Plus on 9 September at an Apple event. It should begin selling the handsets the following week from 18 September, according to rumours.

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