When our smartphone is drained and we need a reliable, powerful battery pack on the go, the word "compromise" isn't in our vocabulary. We want a power bank that's fast, small, and can juice up more than one device at a time. The A8 Pro 25600mAh external battery does it all - and right now, it's only $69.95 (£45) at Pocket-lint Deals, a savings of 53 per cent.

Weighing in at just one pound, the A8 Pro battery is small enough to pack away for travel and daily errands alike - but it doesn't sacrifice power. The powerful battery can charge up to four devices at the same time, even automatically recognizing the device that's plugged into each port into order to maximize charging speed for each one.

You can even charge the A8 pro itself while charging your devices…and if you don't use it for a while, don't worry. The battery retains up to 95 per cent of its charge even if you leave in a drawer for six months.

A low battery doesn't have to be an emergency…at least not when you have powerful backup on hand. Don't miss your chance to snag the A8 Pro 25600mAh external battery for $69.95 (£45) at Pocket-lint Deals.