Staying safe on the road means staying hands-free, whether you’re using your phone or changing your playlist. The Satechi Bluetooth Home button allows you to do just that, making it a must-have if you commute by car or bike. Get it today for just $23 (£15), a savings of 42 per cent, at Pocket-lint Deals.

Setup of the Satechi Home button is easy: simply attach it to your steering wheel or bike handlebars with the included mount and use Bluetooth to connect your phone or tablet from up to 40 feet away - it’s compatible with the iPhone 5C and up, the iPod Touch 5G/4G, the iPad Air 2/Air/Mini/3/2/1, and the Samsung Galaxy S5/S4.

The Home Button allows you to access Siri or any voice command system to get directions, play music, or make a call with a single push of the button. Better yet, the button’s battery will last two years before you need to switch it out.

On foot? It comes with a keychain mount so you can get easy hands-free access to your gadgets no matter where you are.

Head to Pocket-lint Deals to get the Satechi Home button for just $23 (£15).