Whether you’re an IT industry novice or expert, this five-course cyber security developer bundle can take your cyber security skills to the next level and advance your career. Get the bundle for $49 (£32) at Pocket-lint Deals, a savings of 85 per cent.

This bundle - which usually goes for $335 (£216) - gives you more than 50 hours of training and 187 lectures, including helpful examples and live video training. You’ll learn about essential hacking techniques, how to prevent application attacks, how to use VPNs, writing secure PHP code, how to encrypt data, and more - the bundle will give you the opportunity to earn certificates of completion and will even prepare you for the IT Security Academy Exam.

You’ll also gain a solid understanding of security laws, current Black Hat threats and trends, and more, helping you become a certified hacker, teaching you how to keep your websites safe from attacks, and helping you advance your career in cyber security. Your instructors have years of experience in IT and ethical hacking, so you’ll be in expert hands as you go from cyber security novice to master.

Get this cyber security developer bundle for $49 (£32) at Pocket-lint Deals.