Say hello to the best thing to happen to your smartphone photos since the selfie stick. A must-have accessory for your next vacation (and pretty much every day), TRNDlabs' smartphone photo lens kit is on sale at Pocket-lint Deals for $59.99 (£39), a savings of 33 per cent.

This on-the-go kit is a travelling photographer's dream, making simple iPhone and Galaxy S5 shots look amazing with the help of a 8x telephoto lens, a 2x telephoto lens, a fisheye lens, a wide lens, a macro lens, and a 60x magnifying microscope, all of which easily attach to your phone with a magnet. You'll be able to zoom in on tiny details and taking stunning landscape photos - and thanks to the included tripod, there won't be a single blurry shot in the mix.

The kit even includes a lens wallet, a hardback case, and a cleaning cloth for easy travel. Know what that means? Your vacation Instagram shots are about to get even more envy-inducing.

Take your smartphone photos to the next level and get the TRNDlabs smartphone photo lens kit at Pocket-lint Deals for $59.99 (£39).