Chances are you've spent more time than you'd like hunting around for the USB port in a tangle of wires at the back of your computer. Good thing there's a stylish solution that lets you charge your devices while keeping them close by: Satechi's four-port USB hub. We have it for $19.99 (£13) at Pocket-lint Deals, a savings of 28 per cent.

This sleek, compact aluminum hub gives you easy access to all of your devices as they charge or sync, right at the front of your monitor where you actually want them.

Designed with protective rubber padding, the Satechi clamp attaches directly to your monitor, no installation required. And with four individual USB 3.0 ports, you won't have to take turns charging and syncing multiple devices.

Charge your tablet, transfer files to an external hard drive, access videos on a flash drive, and sync photos from your phone - all at the same time, and keeping them all within easy reach. It’s even backwards compatible with USB 2.0.

Put your devices within easy reach and get the Satechi four-port USB hub for $19.99 (£13) at Pocket-lint Deals.