Apple Watch has only been out for a couple of months, but the rumours have already started circulating about what might be on Apple's hit list for Watch 2. 

Talking to 9to5Mac, sources close to the matter have reportedly said that Watch 2 will introduce a FaceTime camera, letting you make video calls.

FaceTime is a major feature across Apple devices, so it would be no surprise to see that functionality come to Apple Watch. Presently, the watch allows you to make voice calls using the mic and speaker, and FaceTime audio is also coming as an update to the existing Watch.

Then there's talk of increased independence, allowing Watch 2 to do more without being connected to an iPhone. We recently saw Android Wear add this functionality, letting those devices connect via Wi-Fi and operate without a Bluetooth connection directly to the phone.

It makes sense for Apple to make the same moves with Apple Watch, as it means a better experience for users: you won't need to have your phone with you all the time to still get Watch to function.

Apple Watch currently exists in three tiers: Sport is affordable, the regular Watch is a little pricey and the Edition is aspirational. But Apple Watch avoids the luxury watch hotzone around the £3000 mark, where Rolex and others dominate.

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The Apple Watch 2 might introduce more model variations to spread into this middle ground to offer something for those who aren't interested in Watch Edition's high price, but want something a little more exclusive.

When might Apple Watch 2 launch? Apple often sticks to its cycles, so we wouldn't expect to see it until March 2016. We doubt Apple will tease Watch 2 at the iPhone 6S launch in October, as that might risk damaging sales of the current model.

These are very early rumours, of course, so take them with a pinch of salt. With wearables and smartwatches hotting up, there's going to be plenty more speculation before Apple Watch 2 is official.

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