If it's quality games you're after you are in for a treat. This year's E3 videogames convention is jam packed with amazing looking triple-A titles that offer conclusive proof that the industry has got the hang of this new generation of console malarkey.

One of the categories of games exhibited at the show that is not shy of a top title or two is shooters, there are plenty of them, from space flight battle simulators to traditional first-person shooters. And whether you're gaming device of choice is an Xbox One, PS4 or PC you will have plenty of choice for the rest of 2015 in to 2016.

We've decided to collate our favourites that we've seen either on the show floor or during one of the major press conferences prior to the doors opening for the first time. So if you fancy seeing which games should grace your console or computer over the coming months and year, have a jolly good flick through our gallery above.

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We've also given a few of our thoughts on each game for good measure. So get ready to shoot through the toughest, baddest interactive entertainment around and have a blast. Here are our favourite shooters from E3 so far.