Although there was a lot of talk about a new Xbox One controller in the build up to E3, that was just a remodelled standard version with a new 3.5mm headphone port. We certainly didn't expect Microsoft to pull something else out of the bag - and something so, well, darn sexy to boot.

The Xbox One Elite Controller is the product of the company working closely with esports pro gamers and while it has a familiar shape, as we found out at the Xbox Showcase in Los Angeles it has a very different feel and purpose to the conventional one.

Much like other pro-gamer controllers for other consoles in the past, customisation is the key. Not only does the controller come with a modified look thanks to the stainless steel elements, but the thumbsticks can be swapped for maximum comfort and performance.

It also has a different kind of D-pad that is more responsive. And the rear reveals sockets for brand new buttons. Adjustable paddles - Hair Triggers - are included in the box and you can just click them into place. Plus, as all buttons are assignable (in games that support it) you can choose exactly what those new triggers can do.


As well as physical customisation, it comes with an app that can adjust different modes and layouts for the buttons. The Hair Triggers, for example, can be fine tuned. You can also flip them on the rear of the controller for different sensitivity, from full range trigger motion to just requiring a minor tap.

There are rubberised grips which feel very different to the standard controller and the overall heft and weight of the accessory is reassuring. This is a device that you will really look after and feels built to last.

That's just as well really as the Xbox One Elite Controller does not come cheap. Microsoft is yet to reveal the UK price for the controller but it is coming in October and will cost $149.99 in the US - that's around £95 at the current exchange rate.

However, from a brief fondle during the showcase event you can see and feel every penny.