Electronic Arts' press event prior to E3 2015 started with an amazing game reveal in Mass Effect 4 - titled Mass Effect Andromeda - and ended with what could well end up being the true star of this year's show, Star Wars Battlefront.

However, there were plenty of other highlights too - not least the appearance of footballing legend Pele to help promote FIFA 16 and it's new slant towards making the beautiful game more, ahem, beautiful.

That's why we've decided to present our highlights of the software giant's press event in an easy to digest format. We hope you enjoyed seeing the following games as much as we did. And remember that we will be going hands-on with many of them during E3 so check Pocket-lint often for our first impressions.

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Although it had revealed a trailer a while back, featuring some in-game graphics, EA and developer Dice used the EA conference to unveil gameplay for the first time. The action centred on Hoth with the AT-AT Walkers attacking the rebel base, as in Empire Strikes Back, but we saw both sides of the fight and it was an ideal showcase for the vast variety of characters and vehicles that will be controllable in the final game.

Oh, and of course there were Luke and Darth Vader in a lightsaber battle. Oh yes.


Not much was revealed about Bioware's next Mass Effect RPG but we did see a fantastic pre-rendered sequence and a prospective release date of Christmas 2016.

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Faith is back although the new free-running game is actually a prequel detailing her origin and how she became the freedom fighter we know and love.

It is also a different style of game this time; the first-person perspective is similar, but gone is gunplay in favour of better hand-to-hand combat mechanics. And it is now set in a massive open-world city with different mission types and no loading times.

More a collection of all the best bits from the last 20 years of Need for Speed games than yet another sequel, the new Need for Speed impressed during the event for its astonishing graphics, rendered with the Frostbite engine, and its level of customisation. This is one to watch. Literally.


We were wondering how EA would present FIFA considering that the licensed organisation is in such turmoil at present, but what better way than to bring out the footballing legend that is Pele. We also learned a fair bit about the new animation options and the way Lionel Messi helped with the motion capture in order to develop new dribble moves to make the game even more realistic.


Still unsure how new IP Unravel will play, but the graphical style and concept are both beautiful. You are Yarny, a little creature made of yarn who must use your rapidly untangling threads to solve physics-based puzzles. Could be a Little Big Planet in the making.

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Our last major highlight of the media event is actually a supporting mobile app rather the game it is tied to. Game Face HD scans a player's face and puts that 3D likeness in the game - at present just NBA 16 when that releases later this year.

We'd definitely like to see it come to games like Rory McIlroy PGA Tour and FIFA in future.

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