Oculus VR has just unveiled the final design for its consumer model Oculus Rift. While showing off the new virtual reality headset in San Francisco, the Facebook-owned company also introduced something called the Oculus Touch.

Although we weren't able to play or demo either device during the show, Pocket-lint got a chance to see them - up close and personal - afterward. We even got to touch them for a brief moment and were pleasantly suprised by how light the headset felt. But, honestly, we got more eyeball-time with both of them and can only really comment on how they physically look.

Oculus first unveiled its VR headset via Kickstarter three years ago, and now it is finally ready to bring that headset to consumers. But it's much different than the original version. It noow features two OLED screens with a wide field of view. It also has a tracking system that's been fine-tuned over the years. There's even an external sensor that you can put on your desk.

We got a chance to see the sensor on display, as well, but the real stand-out piece was the headset. Oculus VR said it has integrated a pair of headphones into the headset itself, which should be able to deliver 360-degree audio for an even more immersive experience. You'll also be able to remove them to add your own, though we didn't get to see such a swap in action.


Oculus announced that it would bundle a wireless Xbox One controller with the new Oculus Rift, which should allow any gamer to start experiencing virtual reality right off the bat, but what if you want more, or perhaps something more natural-feeling, the company's founder took the wraps off of Oculus Touch. It's basically a hand-controller input system for the Rift.


With Oculus Touch, Oculus VR said you will be able to navigate the virutal world in a more natural way. Each grip features motion-based input, physical controls, and haptic feedback. There's no word on pricing or if it'll be ready for the consumer Rift's early 2016 release.

Overall, we like the soft, matte black and gray look of the headset, but at the same time, the glossy-and-matte look of the Oculus Touch is very appealing. And when paired with the Rift, it all appears sleek and very future-esque. Oculus VR plans to demo this new Oculus Rift and some new content at E3 next week, and Pocket-lint will be there to give you the latest and breaking news.

So, stay tuned.