A huge leak has just revealed that not only will Apple be releasing its next-gen iPhone soon, but that it will be coming this September.

An email sent to Vodafone internal staff was leaked to Mobile News. The details revealed we can expect the iPhone 6S to go on sale from 25 September. This is a Friday and iPhone traditionally goes on sale on a Friday. 

The iPhone number was not mentioned, it was simply called the "new iPhone" in the email. So there is a chance that we may see an iPhone 7.

Apple has released its flagship iPhones in September for the last three models on 21, 20 and 19 September.

The iPhone 6 Plus was not mentioned in the email so whether that will get a follow-up model this September is not clear.

Other rumours about the new iPhone include speculation there will be two in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models, with "similar" resolution. Sapphire glass screens and liquid metal chassis may also appear.

Force Touch is rumoured to appear on the new iPhones meaning more intelligent haptic feedback and deeper levels of pressure controls.

The new iPhone camera is expected to be the "biggest camera jump ever" according to John Gruber who is notorious for having good Apple sources.

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