Android Wear launched in 2014 with three hero smartwatches - the Motorola Moto 360, LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live. These three watches are now obsolete, taken over by fancier models that are far more appealing, far better looking and far more fashionable.

The platform has had several big updates since it originally launched, all of which have pushed several new features, including iOS compatibility. Despite still needing some improvements, the platform has become increasingly more appealing, not just to Android users, but iPhone users too if the Apple Watch doesn't float their boat or sit in their budget.

In light of the world of smartwatches becoming much more fashionable than they were originally, we have rounded up the best Android Wear smartwatches currently out there. We have a separate feature that presents the best smartwatches on all platforms including Android Wear, Pebble and Apple, but here we are focusing on Android Wear and only those we've lived with and reviewed in full.

We will be updating this feature as we get more on our wrists and into our hands so keep checking back if you haven't quite decided which one tickles your fancy.

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