Android Wear launched in 2014 with three hero smartwatches - the Motorola Moto 360, LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live. These three watches are now obsolete, taken over by fancier models that are far more appealing, far better looking and far more fashionable.

The platform has had several big updates since it originally launched, all of which have pushed several new features, including iOS compatibility. Despite still needing some improvements, the platform has become increasingly more appealing, not just to Android users, but iPhone users too if the Apple Watch doesn't float their boat or sit in their budget.

In light of the world of smartwatches becoming much more fashionable than they were originally, we have rounded up the best Android Wear smartwatches currently out there. We have a separate feature that presents the best smartwatches on all platforms including Android Wear, Pebble and Apple, but here we are focusing on Android Wear and only those we've lived with and reviewed in full.

We will be updating this feature as we get more on our wrists and into our hands so keep checking back if you haven't quite decided which one tickles your fancy.

Here's the best Android Wear watch that gives you oodles of style and all the smarts...

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There will be those who see the Tag Heuer Connected as a waste of time, pardon the pun. It offers the same, or fewer, features as watches that cost a fifth of the price. If this is the main criterion to smartwatch ownership, then this certainly isn't the device for you. If the price bothers you, you'll never see past that high figure.

But what Tag Heuer has done is take a category of devices and apply direction and purpose. This is designed to look and wear like a Tag and it does.

It's a connected watch, it's packed with confidence and it works. That makes this the best Android Wear device we've seen so far. The Tag Heuer Connected is an expensive luxury gadget but it's also the Android Wear device we want to wear. And when it comes to watches, wanting to wear it is the most important thing.

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PRICE: £1899,

The Tag Heuer Connected isn't for everyone though, and there are plenty of other great Android Wear smartwatches that will probably fit your style or your budget better. Here are the ones that you should also consider:

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The 2015 Motorola Moto 360 is the sleeker, smarter second-gen of the original Android Wear poster boy. The new device embodies a number of tweaks and enhancements and the company has invested in variety, offering two watch face sizes and three band sizes.

The Moto 360 (2015) offers a stylish design for both men and women, good customisation options, a decent price and a good performance. The black bar at the bottom of the otherwise good display remains however, and the plastic rear makes the new Moto 360 feel cheaper than the Huawei Watch, Michael Kors Watch and it doesn't do as much as the Polar M600, which is why it doesn't get top spot.

The new Motorola Moto 360 is without a doubt an improvement over its predecessor. The company has taken performance up a notch and coupled it with a much more stylish and appealing design. The customisation on offer helps sets it apart from other Android Wear devices, but while it is very pretty, it isn't quite perfect yet.

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The Huawei Watch was announced at Mobile World Congress in February 2015 and when it arrived, it was by far one of the most gorgeous-looking smartwatches on the market.

It offers a beautiful stainless steel body, a round display without a flat tyre like the Motorola Moto 360 and it benefits from sapphire crystal protecting the display, like the Apple Watch. It's not small though so it won't suit everyone, there is a lack of ambient light sensor and the heart rate sensor isn't that accurate.

It's definitely got looks down though, appearing attractive and enticing, just like the premium Apple Watch. That can now be said for a couple of other Android Wear devices however and at around $400, it's still not a mindless or easy purchase no matter how good it looks.

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Asus kept down the cost of the ZenWatch 2 by smartly cutting some corners compared to its predecessor, such as foregoing an all-metal design in favour of a plastic back plate and omitting sensors like GPS and a heart-rate monitor.

Despite having now been succeeded by the round ZenWatch 3, last year's model is priced competitively, looks pretty darn good (ignoring the bezel excess), and comes in two sizes to suit different wrist sizes - that last point something even the Huawei Watch failed to deliver.

With Android Wear being what it is, this Asus even performs just as well as the top-tier competitors, because they all feature pretty much the same internals and hardware. So, if you're wondering whether to get this watch or one of the more expensive options, the ZenWatch 2 is a great starter smartwatch.

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What Fossil gets right with compared to traditional electronics manufacturers' smartwatches, as you might expect, is in the overall design of the Q Founder. The casing, the strap and the fixtures ensure this fashion wearable hit enough points of difference to standout from the otherwise similar Android Wear crowd.

Except for one major problem: that black-out "flat tyre" to the bottom of the design. It stops the circular watch face from being properly round, just as it's an issue with the Moto 360 and some other models, though the Michael Kors manages to disguise it slightly.

It's the flat tyre that makes the Tag Heuer Connected a far more enticing prospect though, despite its considerable added expense (and we mean considerable). That said, we would take the Fossil over most of the competition as it's competitively priced, in a similar bracket to the Moto 360 and Huawei Watch, yet the better looking option overall, which is why it sits in fourth position.

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The Nixon Mission succeeds where many smartwatches fail in offering a great design that feels nice to wear. The rugged build is also a big sell, meaning you don't have to worry about water, so it's well suited to being warn in rough conditions, like surf or snow.

While that protection is good however, you presumably won't have your phone with you when surfing, so it's then a disconnected timepiece. For mountain sports there's added appeal, but Nixon could have offered a little more on the proprietary software side to fit the sporty aims.

Ultimately, the Nixon Mission is a good-looking watch for those who are happy with a larger-scale device. There are better choices for those wanting an active sports watch, but sometimes, looking good is good enough.

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The Polar M600 is a fusion of smartwatch and sports device. It takes Android's platform and laces in sports and fitness tracking functions, but maintains a balance that some devices don't manage. It succeeds in being both where others have failed. It feels like a proper Polar sports watch, boosted by the best of Android Wear.

For an Android smartphone user, this is a device that's worth serious consideration. If you've been put off by Android Wear so far, this is how to do Android Wear right. It's not about bland presentation, it's about underpinning something more exciting. In this case, it's a fully-featured activity watch, especially good for running, that barely feels like Android Wear at all.

The Polar M600 is currently rather unique. It's not only an effective sports partner, it's a great smartwatch too.

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As far as smartwatches go, the Michael Kors Access is up there with the best in terms of design and wearability. It has a beautifully solid build quality that is not only comfortable, but it looks great too. However, it has inherited that "flat tyre" black bar to the base of the watch face, which means the screen isn't fully circular.

The dedicated MK faces make the Access feel that little bit more special than some other Android Wear devices, while the customisation options and the way "Looks" are organised is excellent, especially for those who like a different look everyday.

The Michael Kors Access does what a smartwatch should do: look like a watch you'd want to wear, while adding Android Wear smart functionality for when you want a little more. For the MK fans who love the signature chunky watches but want it connected, the Bradshaw won't disappoint.

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