If you're the type of person who likes to customise their tablet, or even look like you're not carrying a device at all, then the Asus Zenpad 7 and Zenpad 8 should be right up your alley.

The new mini tablets, launched at the company's press conference ahead of Computex in Taipei this week, feature five different colour options for the rear of the device: black, white, silver, light green, and orange.

Regardless of colour, you don't get to cover everything, as the detachable panel only partially covers the tablet. In the flesh we found it looked rather odd to twin the orange rear with the white model, so matching the right colour panel with the right base colour is going to be essential.

The covers themselves feature a diamond chequered pattern that looks premium and as a by-product also improve grip. The rounded edges are also pleasing to the eye as well as practical. It's not just about improving the aesthetics, there is rhythm to the reason too, with several options for covers that enhance the experience.

Take the audio cover with 5.1 channel speakers. The impressive delivery of sound is really good, clear and sharp even at high volume, while the cover flips into a pyramid shape for viewing too.

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On closer inspection we found that when we held the device in the hand the material on the seam acted as a nice thumb rest, and the groove in the back fell just where our middle finger sat, making it feel very secure indeed.

The audio cover does add considerable bulk, understandably, but it seems like a fair trade-off, especially if you use your tablet to watch movies. If you want looks rather than tunes, there's a clutch bag style cover for those wanting to appear more discreet (except in the pink/yellow combination).

It certainly looks the part, although we aren't that fond of the quasi-fashion label branding of "Asus Collection" on the tab. Overall it is a pleasant design, you have to give them that.

Those who eat through their battery life may want to go for the additional battery cover which adds a whopping six hours of battery life to a single charge - taking the total up to 15 hours.

We had a go at putting on and removing various covers, and once we'd got the knack of aligning the holes to the tabs it was simple enough. There's also a small ding on one edge to allow you to start removing the panel/cover easily, much like many smartphone covers.

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The ZenPad 7 or 8 are like the ultimate McGuyver tablets ready to be something else as you attach a different accessory to the experience.

As for tech specs, the two models are identical albeit the screen size difference. Both models are just 8.5mm thick and both come with 4G LTE connectivity.

There's a 5-megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, so pretty standard offerings, and both devices run the Intel Atom X3 processor, delivering Android Lollipop on the Zen user interface re-skin.

The display is a 1280 x 800 resolution IPS LCD and seemed pretty sharp with what Asus calls True2life technology for sharper colours and crisp images.

Asus also announced the Zenpad S 8.0 and Zenpad 10, but if you are looking for a practical tablet that you can customise, which will most likely be priced towards the more affordable end of the market, then the Zenpad 7 and Zenpad 8 are looking like good choices. Both devices should be available in the UK in August this year.