Asus has really pushed out the boat in terms of aesthetics with its follow up to the ZenWatch, the ZenWatch 2, as it tries to compete with the premium look and feel of the Apple Watch, and other would be contenders in the Android Wear fashion space like LG and Huawei. 

Revealed at the company's press conference ahead of the Computex computer trade show in Taipei this week, the new smartwatch from Asus will have 18 different options to choose from, so you're sure to find at least one that appeals.

First off you have to do decide whether you want the casing to be gunmetal, silver or rose gold, and then you get to choose the strap. 

All desires are catered for it seems with super posh and glitzy traditional link-style straps, refined metallic mesh, classic leather or uber-practical rubber straps in a variety of bright colours. There's even a Swarovski strap replete with discreet crystals!

Like Apple, Asus is offering two different sizes of 49mm and 45mm, the smaller of which it hopes will appeal more to a female user. That is still bigger than Apple's 42mm and 38mm offerings, but it is still the option that counts, and like Apple's 4mm difference between its two watches, the 4mm certainly makes a difference here.

The smaller version definitely seems sleeker and combined with some nice looking wristbands (particularly the gold metallic mesh) and moves the ZenWatch 2 towards a wearable that could be paired relatively unobtrusively with evening wear for men or women. 

New this time around is the decision to ditch the USB charging cradle that came with original ZenWatch to a far more travel-friendly magnetic charging cable. There is also an option to add an extra battery on the reverse for power hungry users although it does increase the thickness, it blends seamlessly with the body of the original.

CompxAsus 436

A particularly nice touch is the ability to charge both the extra battery and the watch at the same time by simply leaving the extra battery in place and attaching the charger to the reverse. The "power cradle" offers an extra 1,200mAh of battery life although what this equates to in real terms Asus wouldn't say. Strangely the smaller 45mm version doesn't come with the extra battery option. It seems small and dainty has to always remain that way. 

One of the most popular features of the last ZenWatch has been enhanced. The Remote Camera app that enables users to see through their smartphone camera lens on their watch face, now has faster performance and more range. It can now also switch between the front and rear cameras on the phone. Additionally there will be around 50 watch faces available out of the box and the ability to create and customise your own if that still isn't enough. 

There's a push button on/off switch on the side of the panel as well, which lends it an air of classic elegance as the form more closely resembles that of a regular watch, but the only function is to wake the screen or put it to sleep, rather than double as a digital crown as found on the Apple Watch.

The ZenWatch 2 will be available in Europe in October starting at €149.