The western world's biggest videogames convention E3 is rapidly approaching, with the first press conferences to be held on Sunday 14 June, so we don't have too long to find out how the games scene is going to shape up for the build up to Christmas and beyond.

And although we're not expecting any huge console launches, there is still plenty of excitement to be had. Not only will there be plenty of the biggest games to be seen and talked about, we fully expect a few announcements and demos in the virtual reality field as well.

That's why we've decided to put together a round-up of some of the juiciest rumours and details about what we hope and expect to see at this year's E3 for you to keep an eye out for. We'll also be updating this feature as the show grows nearer, so come back often.

While there are plenty of rumours circulating about the games and hardware we should see at E3 2015 there are also already some confirmed details. Among those are the times of the press conferences for the biggest companies, manufacturers and publishers alike.

Here are the dates and times of the confirmed press events that will happen during the show so you can keep track. We will also be featuring the livestreams of each event here on Pocket-lint if they are available.

14 June

  • Bethesda: 7pm PT, 10pm ET, 3am (15 June) UK

15 June

  • Xbox: 9.30am PT, 12.30pm ET, 5.30pm UK
  • Electronic Arts: 1pm PT, 4pm ET, 9pm UK
  • Ubisoft: 3pm PT, 6pm ET, 11pm UK
  • PlayStation: 6pm PT, 9pm ET, 4am (16 June) UK

16 June

  • Nintendo (Direct livestream only): 9am PT, 12pm ET, 5pm UK
  • Square Enix: 10am PT, 1pm ET, 8pm UK

We've already detailed some of the games we expect and hope to see at this year's E3 in our round-up of the biggest titles, but here are a few of the plumb picks that stand-out the most.

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Electronic Artsstar_wars_battlefront__4-17_c

Star Wars Battlefront

The hype surrounding the first major Star Wars game post Disney is huge so can it possibly live up to the high expectations we put on it? Certainly, we've been told that we'll get hands-on time with the title to find out.

Fallout 4

Although it is unlikely that we'll see much more than a trailer at the end of Bethesda's press conference, the smart money is on Fallout 4 being announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It won't be available until next year at least, however.

Mass Effect 4

We already know that Mass Effect 4 is in development and we're hoping that EA gives us a good taste of what to expect during its press conference on the Monday. Like with Fallout 4 though, it is unlikely we'll get any more than some rolling footage, although in this case there might be clips of gameplay.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Not only will Activision's latest chapter in the CoD franchise be at E3 it will be playable - one or two multiplayer maps at least. We will probably also get to see, but not play, some of the campaign mode and learn more about the futuristic plot.

Halo 5: Guardians

As it is Microsoft's biggest title, you can expect its E3 press conference and booth to be dominated by Halo 5. We'd also be extremely surprised if we're not allowed to get hands-on with a more enhanced version of the multiplayer mode than the beta provided earlier this year. And we'll likely get to see a walkthrough of some of the single-player campaign too.

Legend of Zelda

Even though rumours suggest that Legend of Zelda has been put back to next year at least, we expect Nintendo to show additional footage during its E3 Direct livestream and even have it running on Wii Us at the show.

Tom Clancy's The Division

It has been the centre of attention since E3 2013, with many proclaiming it to have the potential to be the pinnacle of this generation of console gaming so far. Now, two years later, we will finally get to feel how it will play in order to see if the prophecies were true.

We think, based on industry gossip, that one of the biggest trends of the show will be virtual reality. After all, HTC and Valve's Vive headset has already made an appearance this year and other devices, such as the long-awaited consumer version of Oculus Rift, are coming soon. So here are a few of the VR headsets we're pretty certain will appear at E3 2015.

Oculus Rift

The consumer model of Oculus Rift will be available to buy from early 2016 and we have it on great authority that not only will the final headset be available to try at E3 but it might make a debut at a press only event in the States a little earlier than that.


HTC Vive

Pocket-lint has already tried the latest Vive headset and it blew our tiny little minds. And that's even after experience of the latest development kit from Oculus. It is planned for release later this year too, so will beat the Rift to the punch, so we expect to see new demos, maybe even a spot of interactive gaming from HTC and Valve during the show.

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Project Morpheus

Sony has already revealed that its VR headset, still currently called Project Morpheus, will be released in the first quarter of 2016 - much like the Oculus Rift. But we think it will be central to the company's PlayStation press conference on the Monday prior to the show. Perhaps we'll even find out its final name.

Although the show is predominantly about games, there are plenty of accessories and other ancillary devices and products that make an appearance during the event. Gaming headsets, controllers and all many of other add-ons are worth seeking out too. Here are a few that we'll be hoping to check out.

Rock Band 4

Although this could have been included in the games category above, rather than the gameplay itself we're looking forward to seeing what Mad Catz has up its sleeve when it comes to the instruments. In the past, it has provided some of the stand-out Rock Band accessories - including a life-sized bass guitar - so now that it is co-publishing the game with Harmonix, we expect fireworks. Fireworks, we tell thee.

Pocket-lintGuitar Hero Live-1-5

Guitar Hero Live

Like Rock Band 4, getting some more time with Guitar Hero Live is something high on our agenda, and we'd like to see if any manufacturers have signed up to provide their additional accessories for the game.

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Steam Machines

Although we don't expect to see any new consoles as such, 2015 is the year that Valve's Steam Machines project finally gets off the ground. Hopefully, several of the confirmed manufacturers will have their versions on show.

New Xbox One controller

A support page refresh gave indication that Microsoft will launch a new Xbox One controller during E3. It will at the very least have a 3.5mm headphone port at the base of the pad which will output audio to any pair of cans, not just official gaming headsets.

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Pocket-lint will be at E3 2015 in force to bring you all the latest news, previews and interviews live from the show during the week. Make sure you bookmark our dedicated hub, found here, to keep up with all the action. And remember, we will be updating this feature as we draw closer to the opening of the event, so check back often.