The iPhone is great, but if you use it all the time, then you'll be constantly looking for a wall socket to charge it.

That's even more the case if you use the Apple Watch, because all that invisible talking between the two has one serious effect: your battery consumption.

Here are the best iPhone battery chargers to make sure you stay charged wherever you are, without having to look for a power socket. Let us know which one you use and we'll be sure to check it out. 

The TYLT Energi case comes in two parts, a protective case that keeps your iPhone 6 safe and a charging dock that delivers a 3,200mAh battery (roughly 1.5 charges). When you're done you can simply slide the case off. To save power, the iPhone battery charger automatically stops charging when the iPhone is at 100 per cent to save power for later. The company also offers an iPhone 6 Plus version too.


If you are looking for more charge than just a quick top up the RAVPower might be for you. The 16,000mAh portable battery charger is enough to charge your smartphone up to eight times or a tablet twice. Not only can you charge two devices at once (great for your iPhone and Apple Watch) but it also supports iPad charging. The two USB sockets also means that it's not just about charging your Apple gear.


This dinky portable battery is the size of a about a dozen business cards stacked on top of each other but delivers 3,350mAh of charge (around 2 charges of your iPhone). The metal clad charger comes in a variety of colours including red, black, gold, or silver, and comes with a single USB socket. The Turbo stands for fast charging.


The Jump cable is basically an iPhone Lightning cable with a small battery booster built-in. About the same size as a condom packet, the charger offers 800mAh or in real terms enough to get your iPhone back up to 30 per cent battery from zero. This is really in case of emergency rather than completely ignoring wall sockets everywhere.

Native Union

This 8,400mAh portable battery promises to charge your iPhone 6 at least four times and get you to around 70 per cent charge on your iPad Air. Coming with built-in Lightning and Micro-USB cables, you also get a USB socket so you can charge two devices at once. Those who aren't fussed about black, can also get it in a hot pink colour too.


This little unit is exactly the same dimensions as a credit card and just a couple of millimetres thicker but still comes with a Lightning and Micro-USB cable built-in. Designed to fit into your wallet or purse, the mini comes with a 1,020mAh capacity which is enough to get you out of trouble in an emergency.