Keeping your credit card information, email address, and phone number safe from hackers has never been easier. Get a lifetime subscription to Blur for $49.99 (£32), a savings of 74 per cent.

An all-in-one solution for online privacy, Blur ensures that you’ll never have to hand off your real information to online merchants and companies again. It protects your from credit card fraud, identity theft, and third-party monitoring.

Use Blur to create temporary email addresses for email confirmations, forward calls and texts to your phone number from a masked number, and create limited-duration credit cards for online purchases. Your real information stays safe, and the fast, simple interface makes it easy to stay organised.

You can also use Blur as a password manager. Use it to create, save, encrypt, and organise secure passwords. You’ll have a strong, unique password for every online account, and they’ll even sync up seamlessly across all of your devices for one-click logins whether you’re on your phone or computer. Best of all? You’ll get lifetime access to Blur’s premium account with today’s deal—so you never have to think about how to keep your information private again.

This lifetime subscription to Blur is valued at $195 (£124), but you can get it for $49.99 (£32) through Pocket-lint Deals.