Next month, E3 2015 will be upon us and that means we'll soon get our hands or eyes on the hottest videogames due to be released this Christmas and beyond. The Los Angeles videogames convention, with its press conferences and demonstrations, is the biggest this side of the planet and as such the attention of every gamer is on it.

Certainly, this year is the year we expect the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to mature. They are no longer launch machines, but have taken over the games industry completely as the central focus. But we also expect to find out more on emerging technologies, such as the virtual reality headsets from Oculus, Sony and Valve.

Plus, the latter company's Steam Machines concept will be in full swing, as PC manufacturers will be keen to show their boxes that could rival console dominance.

However, it is the games we focus on here as they will no doubt be the stars of the show. We've highlighted 27 different titles we think will grace E3 2015 (or at least ones we'd love to see) and to be honest, that's only a drop in the ocean. There will be plenty of others unveiled or announced during the event, but these are the ones we will be making a beeline for as soon as the doors open on 16 June.

Flick through the gallery above to find out exactly what games we think will rock E3 this year.