Lego is awesome, this is true. Making real world things into Lego versions is awesome too, just look at Lego Star Wars or the Lego Simpsons house. And now we have a Lego version of Google Street View, Lego Brick View, that turns areas on a map into Lego, while fits into the "awesome" catagory too.

Certainly, the idea behind Lego Brick View is awesome. Search for a place, post code or street and an algorithm plonks a Lego car on a cartoon-looking road, with a few Lego trees scattered around for good measure. The background and imagery taken from the real Street View is then heavily pixelated, using Lego bricks to represent the surroundings.

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To be honest, it does just look a bit blurry and not quite as if it's made of Lego, but hey, you still have to applaud the effort.

Other Street View features are missing. You can't move once in Street View nor zoom and you'll notice from the image above that even landmarks are unclear – that's supposed to be London's Parliament and Big Ben on the left for example - but you can take a snapshot and share the image socially. And certain landmarks, such as the White House in Washington DC, appear in Lego form on the overhead view map.

Plus, as this is an unofficial effort on the part of developer Einar Oberg from Stockholm, you have to admire the amount of work that must have gone into it.