Drones have caught the attention of people around the world, buzzing around parks and cities, flying over government buildings, and capturing some awesome video footage. If you want to try the insanely fun experience of flying a drone, but don’t want to spend hundreds on a fancy, the Skeye Nano Drone should be right up your alley. It’s a mini-quadrocopter that fits in the palm of your hand but flies very fast and performs some awesome in-air maneuvers. Better yet, it’s only $35/£23 with free shipping internationally at Pocket-lint Deals.

Great for flying indoors and out, the Skeye Nano Drone is extremely agile but very easy to control. It comes with a simple mini-controller, but has three different flight/control modes depending on your experience: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. With a soft touch, it’s incredibly stable in the air, but if you give it the throttle, it’ll zoom around faster than you can follow. It’s even got LED lights on it, so you can fly it during the day or night.

One of the coolest features is it’s in-air stunt: on command, you can perform a 360-flip in midair, with the Nano Drone coming right back to stability afterwards. Check out this video showing the drone in action:

The best part of this deal is the price - you can get this awesome flying gadget for over 40 per cent off the list price: just $35/£23, which includes free US and international shipping!

You shouldn’t spend a ton of money on your first drone. For the price of a night out (or less, if you live in London) you can get a taste of the action with this incredibly fun Nano Drone. Check it out here.