Jurassic World, the latest in the series of cult dinosaur movies, will be hitting cinemas on 12 June, but you can get in on the action now, in classic Lego style.

Lego has released six new Lego sets to celebrate the movie, letting you set the dinosaurs loose among your own Lego population.

T Rex Tracker (pictured) gives you the T Rex, along with huge jaws, and a dino cage on the back of a mobile research module.

There's three Minifigs - an ACU trooper, a vet and Hoskins - as well as a firing harpoon to capture the T Rex and motorbike attached to the side of the vehicle.


We love the various angles of the T Rex's head and yes, the jaws are strong enough to snap up a Minifig.

The T Rex Tracker is the mid-range set at £59.99, with Indominus Rex Breakout being the largest (£99.99) and featuring one of Jurassic World's most fearsome inhabitants.

Other sets will get you Velociraptor - long time stars of Jurassic Park films - and there's a pteranodon too. The Minifigs cover various stars of the movie - set on Isla Nublar, including Chris Pratt's Owen Grady.

The Jurassic World Lego sets are on sale now.

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