Swift is an innovative new iOS programming language, with a simple and engaging syntax allowing programmers to create lightning-quick apps. Learn how to create your own beautiful and functional apps with this comprehensive iOS 8 training course covering everything you need to know about Swift.  

Designed and delivered by Swift expert John Nichols this course covers everything you need to know to start your development journey. With unlimited access to over 350 videos, totalling almost 37 hours of content you can work through the program at a pace that suits you.

As you progress through the course Nichols covers everything you need to know in a clear and confident way. From beginning to end you learn how to create 14 different iOS apps, understanding how to harness the incredible power of the technology.

You will learn how to create responsive interfaces, use Apple’s graphical interface builder, use API Integration to connect with Facebook and social media, explore CloudKit and much more.

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Creating apps on your own is a difficult and complicated process. We’ve made it as easy as possible with the Complete iOS 8 Developer Course.