If you have ever walked out of your house and wondered a few minutes up the road whether you had turned the iron or the straighteners off, this feature will be right up your street. 

Most of us are guilty on occasion of getting up late in the morning, rushing out the door and perhaps not leaving the house in the same way we might have done if we had given ourselves an extra five minutes. Apart from brushing our hair or doing a tie up properly, this can also mean ensuring all electronics are switched off.

For some electronics it won't matter if you leave them on, except for your utility bill at the end of the month, but for others it can be potentially dangerous to leave them switched on all day until you return home from work. This is where smart plugs come in. They are simple devices that have the ability to make your electronics that little bit cleverer by connecting them up to your smartphone so you can switch them on or off remotely. 

Here are five smart plugs available now that mean you can turn the iron off from the office.

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The Belkin WeMo Switch works with both Android and iOS devices and it allows you to turn electronic devices on or off from anywhere as you have an internet connection. It uses your existing home Wi-Fi network to provide you with wireless control, via the free WeMo app, of anything from TVs and lamps to irons and heaters.

The WeMo Switch is a modular system so you can add multiple switches to your home and turn them all off at once or program each one to turn on or off at specific times. The WeMo Switch plugs into a standard plug socket, and the appliance you want to control wirelessly then plugs into the Switch, with the rest of the installation completed through the app.

PRICE: £39.99 from Belkin.

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Orvibo's S20 Smart socket allows you to turn appliance and electronic devices on or off remotely through the Home Automation app, which is compatible with devices running iOS 6 and higher or Android 4.0 and higher.

The plug can be used for multiple devices throughout your home and along with being able to turn them on or off, you will also be able to set schedules and receive customised notifications when you are connected to the internet. Like Belkin's offering, the Orvibo S20 plugs into a standard plug socket and your electronics are then plugged into the smart socket instead to provide you with the wireless control.

PRICE: £17.99 from Amazon UK, $29.99 from Amazon US

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D-Link is similar to Belkin in that it offers a number of home automation products including motion sensors and smart home cameras, but it also has a Smart Plug in its portfolio. Like the others on this list, the D-Link Mydlink Home Smart Plug allows you to monitor and control your electronic devices and appliances from anywhere when you have an internet connection.

The Mydlink plug is controlled via the Mydlink Home app and you'll be able to turn your devices on or off, set up alerts, create on and off schedules, as well as monitor the energy usage of the appliances you have connected. Additionally, the Mydlink plug features a thermal sensor within it to help prevent overheating.

PRICE: £37.54 from Amazon UK, $44.46 from Amazon US

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The Edimax SP-1101W Smart Plug provides you with intelligent control over your home electronics, as the other smart plugs within this feature offer. You'll be able to switch devices on or off using your smartphone, as well as set schedules for them and check their status when you are out and about.

Like the others, the device you want to be connected to is plugged into the smart plug, which is plugged into your socket and set up is completed via the EdiPlug app. Once everything is up and running, you'll be able to receive email notifications to keep you updated about which appliances are being switch on or off in the app.

PRICE: £34.48 from Amazon UK, from $24.99 from Amazon US.

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For those in the US, the smart plug options expand slightly with a few more companies offering US-compatible options. The SmartPower model from SmartThings is a Zigbee-enabled device and it allows control over lamps, electronics and small appliances from your smartphone wherever you are.

The SmartPower plug requires the SmartThings Hub to function but like Belkin and D-Link, a smart plug isn't the only home automation product this company does so the hub will come in handy if you add more SmartThings devices to your home. With the SmartPower plug you'll receive alerts if you accidentally leave any devices on and you'll also be able to trigger lights to turn on automatically when you come home, or turn off when you leave.

PRICE: $55 from SmartThings. Also available from Amazon UK and Amazon US