Apple's next iPhone, likely an iPhone 6S, could come sporting a depth-sensing camera similar to the HTC Duo Camera.

According to The Wall Street Journal Apple has acquired Israeli camera tech company LinX Computational. Apple has since confirmed the purchase but won't divulge plans.

This business is all about depth-sensing tech similar to that found in the Duo Camera of HTC. This would mean photos that are built from layers varying in depth to create a more lifelike final shot.

LinX was working on offering lens blur and depth of focus typically found in DSLR cameras – but on smartphones and tablets. It was also creating tech capable of enhancing low-light photography without the use of flash.

Another feature of the LinX tech that we may see in the iPhone 6S is the ability to focus after the photo is taken. This isn't new but Apple is yet to introduce the feature on any of its devices. This will mean snapping a photo and tapping on the gallery image to focus on certain parts, in the foreground or background, and blur the rest.

Here's hoping the camera in the iPhone 6S is a stunner. It sounds like it will need to be after the LG G4 with its f/1.8 aperture 16-megapixel snapper is unleashed.

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