BT has launched its mobile network, called BT Mobile, after completing a £12.5 billion buyout of EE. The new company offering means customers with BT Broadband will now be in line to get some great deals on 4G SIMs. 

While EE will still remain, for the time being at least, BT Mobile 4G SIMs will run on the EE network.

So is BT going to shake up the world of 4G networks by making deals nobody can refuse? We've compared the offerings of all the UK networks, broken up into 12-month contracts, 30-day contracts and pay as you go - all SIM-only and with 4G. If you want to see the cheapest for each skip to the bottom, otherwise read on to find the perfect deal for you.

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For customers of BT Broadband who are looking to upgrade to 4G, or those that want to save money on their current deal, the SIM-only deals on BT Mobile are impressive. In a nut shell, all the prices are £5 less for BT Broadband customers.

12-month contracts

Prices for non-BT Broadband homes start at £10 a month on a 12-month contract for 200 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of 4G data. At the top end, that's £25 a month for unlimited minutes and texts, plus 20GB of 4G data. For 2GB of data with 500 minutes and unlimited texts, it will be £17 per month or £12 for BT Broadband customers.

BT Broadband subscribers get a £5 discount, which means the cheapest tariff is just £5 a month with 500MB of data. Up to five members of a BT household can get SIMs at the cheaper rates.

30-day contracts

BT Mobile currently does not offer a monthly rolling contract option.

Pay as you go

BT Mobile doesn't yet offer pay as you go deals.

EE has been pushing ahead with 4G for sometime now and it offers a wide variety of deals for SIM only.

12-month contracts

On 12-month contracts, deals start at £10 per month for 250MB of data, 250 minutes and unlimited texts, ranging up to £22 for 5GB and unlimited calls and texts. At the mid-level, 2GB of data with unlimited calls and texts is £16 per month.

30-day contracts

EE also offers rolling 30-day contracts, which you can cancel monthly, all with unlimited minutes and texts: £19 for 1GB data, £25 for 3GB or £31 for 5GB.

Pay as you go

EE does offer 4G to its pay as you go customers in varying forms. The 30-day top-up offers start at £10 per month for 500MB of data, 150 minutes and unlimited texts. At the top end you pay £25 for 4GB of data, 1,000 minutes and unlimited texts.

For a 7-day top-up you can pay as little as £1 and get 10MB of data, 25 minutes and 50 texts. Or pay that same £1 for 100MB of data but only 10 minutes and 10 texts. Alternatively, you can pay £10 and get 1GB of data, 50 minutes and 50 texts and only need to top-up every 30 days.

Vodafone aims to be the network that offers the most high quality 4G, rather than focusing on complete area coverage.

12-month contracts

A Vodafone 12-month contract with 4G will start at £14 for 500MB with 900 minutes and unlimited texts, moving up to £23.30 for 6GB of data with unlimited calls and texts, as well as either a 12-month Spotify Premium, Now TV or Sky Sports Mobile subscription.

30-day contracts

For £16 you'll get 500MB of data with 900 minutes and unlimited texts. Jump to £19 and you'll get unlimited minutes and texts with 1GB of data, or spend £24 and get unlimited calls and texts plus 3GB of data.

Pay as you go

Vodafone offers pay as you go SIM options that simply require top-ups. These start at £20 per month for 500 minutes, and unlimited texts plus 2GB of 4G data. At the top end, £40 will get you unlimited texts and calls with 6GB of 4G data.


O2 offers a wide range of options for getting a SIM with 4G, some without any commitment.

12-month contracts

Contracts from O2 for a SIM only with 4G starts at a 12-month commitment that offers 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data for £13 per month, with one month free. At the top end, you'll pay £30 for unlimited calls and texts plus 8GB of data and two months free.

30-day contracts

For 2GB of data with unlimited texts and calls, O2 charges £22 per month with two months free. A 30-day contract starts at £15 for 500MB, 500 minutes and unlimited texts and goes up to £27 for 5GB with unlimited texts and calls.

Pay as you go

O2 offers 4G for pay as you go SIMs, which start at £15 per month for 1GB of data, 200 minutes and 2000 texts, or £20 for 2GB of data, 400 minutes and 4000 texts.

Three has now upgraded its entire network to 4G so whatever contract you go will it'll be LTE enabled.

12-month contracts

12-month contracts start at £8 per month for 500MB of data with 200 minutes and unlimited texts. For £17 per month you'll get unlimited data and texts with 200 minutes. The top end is £27 per month for unlimited data, texts and calls.

30-day contracts

For 30-day contracts, prices start at £14 per month for 1GB of data, 600 minutes and unlimited texts and go up to £20 per month for unlimited everything.

Pay as you go

Three has now upgraded its network to offer 4G on all plans, including pay as you go. The cheapest is £10 for 500MB of data, 100 minutes and 3,000 texts. Or for £15 you get unlimited data plus 300 minutes and 3,000 texts.

For the absolutely cheapest 4G SIM, in terms of money spent per month, the best option is EE where you can pay as little as £1 per month - but this limits data capacity. 

Best 12-month contract deal

The cheapest 4G SIM on a 12-month contract with unlimited data is Three, which delivers it for £17 per month. Of course if you're a BT Broadband customer, that £5 contract that offers 500MB of data looks pretty sweet too. 

Best 30-day contract deal

Three wins out here for value with 1GB of data for just £14 per month.

Best pay as you go deal

If you want pay as you go and only need 1GB of data for the month, O2 has its £15 offering. But for that same £15 price you could go with Three for unlimited data.

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