One of the things we always notice when trudging trade show floors is that companies feel the need to explain what they do, or what they are showing in a three or four word slogan. However, most of them are claptrap of the highest order.

What might sound good in a marketeer's office means very little to the rest of us. And Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year has had some of the worst bylines in living memory (apart from the laudible "surround sound for your eyes" we saw on the side of a stand at CES one year).

That's why we've collected them here for you to see. You never know, you might even have some kind of clue what they are all talking about...


Firefox does know that by the time it has unleashed the future, it will be the past?

Pocket-lintPhoto 02-03-2015 08 22 25

We went to the edge of innovation once, it was a long way down and we didn't like it much.

Pocket-lintPhoto 02-03-2015 09 32 48

Firefox really wants to unleash the future, that's for sure.

Pocket-lintPhoto 02-03-2015 09 33 49

It doesn't. We were stuck on the tube so were a little late and missed Tomorrow by just a couple of minutes.

Pocket-lintPhoto 02-03-2015 09 34 29

Qualcomm agrees with Tomorrow and questions the very concept of waiting.

Pocket-lintPhoto 02-03-2015 10 21 33

NEC plans to move the world a few miles closer to the Sun. It'll extinguish life as we know it, but it'll be brighter at least.

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We didn't even visit the edge of testing technology after our trip to the edge of innovation. Not with our vertigo.

Pocket-lintPhoto 02-03-2015 12 57 34

Everyday genius = smart arse.

Pocket-lintPhoto 02-03-2015 13 00 49

Isn't life already augmented enough?

Pocket-lintPhoto 02-03-2015 13 26 32

Now that's just scary. Especially after the restraining order.

Pocket-lintPhoto 02-03-2015 13 27 07

Firefox really won't let it go. Unlike the future, which it is happy to unleash.

Pocket-lintPhoto 02-03-2015 13 27 48

If it wasn't moving it wouldn't be mobile now, would it?

Pocket-lintPhoto 02-03-2015 13 28 35

Now that's just taking the mick.

Pocket-lintPhoto 02-03-2015 13 28 03

Hang on, aren't you unleashing the future anymore?

Pocket-lintPhoto 02-03-2015 13 29 50

If Optimus Prime had to innovate every time he wanted to transform, the world would never get saved.

Pocket-lintPhoto 02-03-2015 14 47 46

We'd better get his desk and ID card ready then.

Pocket-lintPhoto 02-03-2015 14 48 55

If "what's next" is a 12v battery and a set of jump leads, we'd rather not.

Pocket-lintPhoto 03-03-2015 16 09 40

"Better Life" TM = What you don't already have, loser.

Pocket-lintPhoto 03-03-2015 16 10 46

Well, at least there won't be too much traffic along the way. Just try to avoid rush hour.

Pocket-lintPhoto 03-03-2015 16 11 10

Wonder what a snail dreams about? Not being a snail, we'd imagine. It's like walking on a bag of Quavers at night time.

Pocket-lintPhoto 03-03-2015 16 11 33

What's beyond limits? The bloody edge of testing technology, that's what.

Pocket-lintPhoto 03-03-2015 16 24 42

Where's Incredible? Oh, he nipped to the pub. Lucky begger.

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