Pebble Time is the new must have smartwatch, well it you talk to the hundreds and thousands that have already ordered the device on Kickstarter, and Pocket-lint caught up with the founder of the company to demo the new watch ahead of its release in May.

The watch itself changes drastically from the Pebble and the Pebble Steel that came before it.

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The watch features a rectangular colour e-ink screen (not Qualcomm's Mirasol tech), has rounded edges to soften the watch face and a plastic silver or black frame to finish it off.  It's smaller, thinner, lighter, and now features a colour display to help enhance the notifications.

The screen is certainly an improvement on the black and white experience of the previous watches, while strong enough to see what's going on even under the bright lights of the Pebble stand. It is certainly not the experience you'll get with something like the Apple Watch, Huawei Watch, or LG smartwatches, but the pay off is that they don't come with a 7 day battery life.


Around the back is a curved design to better fit the contour of your wrist and the charging port for when the battery runs out. Like previous Pebble watches there are three buttons down the right hand side and a single button on the left.

On the wrist and the watch is noticeably thinner that then previous outings. Having worn a Pebble steel for the last year, and the original Pebble the year before, the new Pebble Time is more original Pebble than Steel in design terms, but trumps them both. This is a nice evolution of everything rather than a bastard child created out of greed to simply sell more stuff.

The straps are quickly replaceable, milliseconds rather than minutes, and that is likely to really appeal to those that want to smarten it up with metal when out and about, but change to silicon for a run. We like it a lot.


The interface has changed too. Pebble has focused on a timeline approach to the interface that looks to work really well. A press of a button shows you what's next, another what's just happened. Colour is used to good effect too adding a bit of punch to the notifications that appear on your wrist before you.  

Talking candidly to Eric Migicovsky, the founder, it is clear the company's focus is to stop you having to dip in and out of apps on your phone and merely using the watch as a way to get notifications. We could easily see never having to open our calendar app again while wearing the Pebble Time.

And even better, Migicovsky confirmed that current Pebble users will get the software update in good time too.


From spending 30 minutes with the new watch and Migicovsky it is clear that the Pebble Time is going to be very successful, and very much appreciated by any one keen to upgrade their Pebble experience or are stepping into the smartwatch arena for the first time.

This is a watch that is much more about function rather than beauty in the same way the leading watches are, but we also get the feeling once the developers get behind it (all the current apps still work) this will be about "getting shit done" to quote Migicovsky, rather than something to be spotted with.