The Buff case is going for sexy, by baring all. But it isn't just about sex appeal, the case offers complete protection too despite its minimal form factor.

The point of the Buff case is to allow your phone to be on display as much as possible but while still adding protection. By sitting on the four corners the case is able to protect the phone, including screen, from any drops. Of course if you drop it's face onto a jutting rock that's a different matter.

While the image of Borat in a mankini might not be so sexy we think this case could be construed as good looking. It's simple and allows you to show off your phone that you spent so much money buying – probably at least partially because you liked how it looked.

The Buff case is made from a single piece of polycarbonate which is a plastic that is highly impact resistant.

While the Buff case is on Kickstarter now, we're looking forward to it graduating to Thingiverse so anybody could download it, adjust size, and 3D print to fit their mobile phone. That's presuming the plastic is flexible enough, and the patent gets shared of course.

If you want to back the Buff case on Kickstarter it'll cost you $15 which is about £10.

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