PayPal has changed the world of online payments seeping into sites all over the world. While it's easy to use it doesn't work everywhere and does charge fees.

What are the alternatives out there? There are myriad systems for money dealings online but we've focused on those which allow for payments, ignoring those that receive payments. So this feature is more about the user rather than small businesses looking to implement systems for receiving money.

PayPal charges 2.9 per cent to sell plus $0.30 per sale, but for those using it for buying it is free.

So you've ditched PayPal, or are considering it, what else is out there?

The UK-based Skrill already has over 10 million users in over 200 countries dealing in more than 40 currencies. So where PayPal is concerned this alternative is a real threat.


Bank transfers are done in real time and the fees for sending money are low at 1 per cent with a €10 cap. Since it's accepted at over 156,000 businesses online you can use it to pay on sites like eBay, Skype, William Hill and more. You can also send money to friends or payees easily according to Skrill which says it works for anyone with an email address.

Receiving money via Skrill is also easy allowing you to use it like an online bank account. And buying is free making shopping without having your card on you much easier.

Opening an account with Payza is free and it will allow you to shop or send money in 190 countries and 21 currencies.


Sending money with Payza is free. If you've got nothing in your Payza account e-wallet it will automatically take it from the associated account, be it a bank or credit card. The exchange rate with Payza is 2.5 per cent, should you want to use it abroad.

For those running a business payment can also be taken via Payza online by simply adding a button to your site or app. This also allows for people to pay even if they're not Payza members using their card details.

Google Wallet now has the ability to send money via Gmail both in the US and the UK.


This is as easy as hovering on the attachment icon, selecting £, then sending whatever amount to the recipient, even if they're not a Gmail user.

The system uses your Google Wallet but will also take payments from cards should it be easier. There are also specific offers that apply to Google Wallet which can be redeemed from your account. There is no charge for sending money.

This is another easy way to send money for those with a Paym friendly bank account.  Simply download the banking app that applies to your bank app and begin. Banks onboard including Barclays, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds, Santander, TSB, First Direct and more.

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Money can be sent to anyone as a gift, even those not using the app simply by entering their phone number. This uses the Paym system which allows banks to work with users' mobile numbers. Register your bank and mobile number then anyone can send you money simply using your number.

This is a US only offering that enables anyone to share money for a flat fee of 25 cents, or if it's under $10 for free.


The downside here is that sending money to someone who doesn't have Dwolla means that will have to sign up with the service. Money transfers can take time too so to ensure faster payment users can pay $3 per month for the "Instant" feature to have instant access to cash via a bank. Dwolla is available online and in app form on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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