The PlayStation 4 has only been around for little over a year but already some are speculating that it is to be replaced with a smaller, slimmer model.

It seems unlikely to us, but the Italian version of gaming site has published photos of a machine claimed to be the PS4 Slim.

The pictures, taken of a MacBook screen displaying renders of the supposed new model, were sent to the site by a source calling themself "Monolith". And if true show a console that is tiny in comparison to the current PlayStation 4. So tiny in fact that we're very sceptical indeed.

The current PS4, which is much slimmer than the Xbox One, gets very hot if contained within an AV cabinet as it is. Anything smaller than that would seriously run the risk of overheating so badly it would cease to function. Where would a fan fit inside such a small box, for example, and were are the cooling vents?

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And putting aside the idea that Sony would already choose to discard a design that has been very well received in the near future, what benefit would there be in making a console that small? If anything, we feel it would devalue the concept of a premium machine.

None-the-less, we thought we'd let you decide after checking out the posted pictures.

And we've also added an extra one of something the "leaked" PS4 Slim reminds us of. We knew we'd seen it somewhere before...