Spotify may have been around since 2006 but that doesn't mean everyone knows just how much it has to offer.

There's a lot more to Spotify than simply finding and playing music. From curating shared playlists to importing stored music you'll be amazed how much can be done.

We've pulled together all the best tips and tricks that will enhance your Spotify experience, be you a Spotify free user or Spotify premium subscriber, there's something for everyone.

It's possible to search using specifics much like on Google. For example if you only want music from a certain time period you can type, "Year:1980-1989" or for a genre type, "Genre:Punk".

Other terms include "Title:", "Album:" and "Artist:". Multiple search terms can be used with spaces: "Artist:Rolling Stones Year:1970-1980" for example.

Streaming is the future but if you got a few classics from the past you want to import that's Spotify friendly too.

In "Preferences" select "Add Source" then select where the tunes are stored. These can then be played later from the "Local Files" in the left pane.

When sharing songs with friends sometimes a certain part is where you want them to listen from – this is possible with Spotify. Right click the song you want and select "Copy Spotify URI", which is the web address, then paste that into the search section of Spotify and add the time after a hashtag, like this: "#0:17" to start the song at 17 seconds in.

Then you can copy and paste that code and share it with anyone who will hear the song start at that exact time.

Mouse controls are all good and well but to treat your Spotify like a DJ would you'll need keyboard shortcuts. Here are some useful shortcuts you may get used to using for quick controls:

Play/pause: Spacebar

Volume up/down: Cmd+up/down arrow

Mute: Cmd+Shift+down arrow

Skip song: Cmd+right arrow

Go back a track: Cmd+left arrow

New playlist: Cmd+N

Enter search box: Cmd+L

Back: Alt+left arrow

Forward: Alt+right arrow

Logout: Cmd+Shift+W

This is a pretty basic trick but one worth using to keep your playlists tidy.

Rather than scrolling through everything you've ever added create new folders by selecting "File" then "New Folder" which will appear above your playlists to allow easy drag and drop organisation.

Finding music within Spotify is easier than ever. Not only does Spotify offer Radio and Browse options filled with curated playlists, plus a Discover section tailored to you, but there are plenty of third-party apps too.

Moodagent whips up a playlist based on your mood, Pitchfork uses its journalist's discoveries to group music including "Best new albums", as does NME. Apps are starting to die off a bit of late with some no longer working but it's worth trying a few out to keep your playlists fresh.

One way to discover music, and grow a playlist, is to share it. Making a playlist collaborative allows whoever else shares it to add songs too. User names are shown next to tracks so everyone can see who's suggesting what.

To do this simply create a playlist and right click it and select "Collaborative Playlist" then chose those you want to share rights to add tracks and listen.

Using the app MusiXmatch you can add song lyrics to your screen while tunes are playing. Yup, this basically turns Spotify into an instant karaoke machine. Don't blame us when you voice doesn't sounds as good outside of the shower.

You can either click into the app while listening to a song of select "Explore" to go through song's you have and find one to sing along to.

One way to find out your tastes is to take a look at what you listen to.

In the left menu select "Top Lists" then from the drop-down at the top of either column select "Album", "Artist" or "Track" and then to the right use that drop-down to select "Me". You'll then see what you listen to most.

Some of your music choices might not be for public consumption. But with your account likely linked to Facebook you may end up sharing when you don't want to.

Go private by selecting "Preferences" then in "Activity Sharing" check or uncheck the boxes depending on what you wish to share.

For those of you that hate gaps in playlists Spotify has the option to go gapless.

Simply go into "Preferences" and scroll down to "Playback" where you'll be able to select the "Gapless playback" option.

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