B&O has released a new pair of active noise cancellation headphones: the B&O Play H8 at CES in Las Vegas, and we were at the launch of the headphones to have a quick play before they head to Europe at the end of January.

The new on-ear headphones offer 14 hours of battery life in an incredibly lightweight design (255g) made from leather and aluminium.

Rather than fuss with a number of control buttons and switches, B&O has opted for gesture control via a series of swipes and taps on the metal casing.

If you are wondering how you are going to use them with gloves on, don't, the company has put small pressure sensors in the cups instead to monitor the pressure on the metal. When the metal moves (ever so slightly), it knows you are doing something and acts accordingly.

It's not only clever, but works very well as we found out through our jumper (sweater) on the company's stand in Vegas - nobody takes gloves to Vegas do they?

Beyond the swipe controls and Bluetooth connectivity, you can simply connect it via a wire if you want, you also get Active Noise Cancellation (via an on off switch on the cans) that battles to cancel any noise from outside.

The good thing here is that you don't need to be playing music for it to work, nor be connected to a device, but clearly doing so helps.

Realising that many noise cancelling headphones work to cancel out any noise they hear including noise on atmospheric tracks, B&O says it has worked hard to make sure the headphone only cancel out outside noise rather than inside noise using a series of microphones on the speakers themselves.

We didn't sadly have any live performances to hand on our phone to listen to, however the tracks we did have, including Pearl Jam, the Inception soundtrack, and some Norah Jones, all sounded wonderful with a rich and natural sound.

We certainly look forward to testing it more when we get our review unit in for test in the Pocket-lint office.

Available in Gray Hazel and Argilla Bright the new headphones will cost around £400 or $499 when they hit the shops at the end of the month.