The wearables market offers a plethora of devices from smartwatches and heart rate measuring headphones to sports watches and activity trackers. There is such a breadth of choice, it's difficult to know where to start, let alone make the right decision on the one best for you even after you've read all the fitness tracker reviews you can.

This feature rounds up the best activity trackers available to buy today that we've reviewed here at Pocket-lint. It only includes products we have tried and tested fully and it focuses around the wearables that are always-on and always tracking your activity, rather than those that specialise in specific activities.

For those after a device to count steps and calories, monitor sleep and perhaps even have the added bonus of reading heart rate, you have come to the right place.

Here's the best fitness tracker on the market at the moment balancing ease of use with price and all round features...

Pocket-lintFitbit Charge 2 |

The Fitbit Charge 2 replaces the company's Charge HR, taking the best features such as continuous heart rate monitoring, and adding a few more including VO2 Max, Guided Breathing and Connected GPS. It also takes on Fitbit's new design ethos, found on the Alta, with interchangeable straps, a solid build quality and a larger, informative OLED display.

There are things that could be improved, such as smartphone notifications supporting third-party apps, waterproofing would be very much welcomed, and some data could be more easily accessible, but overall, the Charge 2 is great. If you're looking for a well-designed, accurate fitness tracker with a fantastic app platform, then the Charge 2 fully takes charge.

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The Fitbit Charge 2 isn't for everyone though. Luckily, there are plenty of other great fitness trackers to consider that we've reviewed if you want to get up, start moving and stay ahead of the game. Here are a few other fitness trackers that are worth considering:

Pocket-lintGarmin Vivosmart HR+ |

The Garmin Vivosmart HR+ stuffs a lot of functionality into a device that's only a little larger than some other fitness tracker bands on this list. It isn't as good looking as Fitbit's latest devices, but it's the feature set that appeals, with both heart rate monitoring and GPS on board.

The Garmin Vivosmart HR+ is an ideal device for someone who wants to track daily activity as well as record runs or walks in more detail, but doesn't want to go the whole hog and start wearing a running watch all the time.

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Pocket-lintFitbit Alta |

The Fitbit Alta is by far the most stylish of the Fitbit bunch, especially when paired with the additional straps, even if it isn't as feature rich as some of its siblings. It misses out a few key functions, such as heart rate monitoring, elevation data, GPS and waterproofing but for basic activity tracking, it's a fabulous device.

Accuracy of step tracking is good, smart notifications are useful, the OLED display is lovely and the Fitbit app is one of the best out there. For some the Alta will be a little too basic, but for others, it will be a winner, especially in terms of its looks.

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Pocket-lintFitbit Flex 2 - 1 |

The Fitbit Flex 2 is a simple yet effective tracker with a more exciting design than its predecessor, meaning it looks less like a boring rubber band especially when paired with the interchangeable accessories. The far better two-pin clasp ensures a solid, comfortable fit and the addition of basic smartphone notifications and waterproofing is also great.

The Fitbit Flex 2 has a good thing going on: it's simple, stylish and unobtrusive. It won't be for those who want more data such as heart-rate or GPS tracking, but it's a great device for those after basic tracking.

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Pocket-lintP3000753 copy |

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 features excellent built-in GPS and heart-rate monitoring, along with a beautiful large screen that is not only nice to look at but responsive too.

It has core tracking skills and relayed data but the accompany app isn't as good as the likes of Fitbit so it might not be quite right for the more serious fitness fans, or hardened runner. The battery life is also so-so when exercising. Overall though, it's a fab first wearable.

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Pocket-lintJawbone UP3 |

The Jawbone UP3 brings a lovely design, good battery life, a brilliant app platform and a range of extra features to the party. It is the perfect tracker for the Average Joe, the person who wants a device they can wear all day and all night. The UP3 delivers superior sleep tracking over its competitors, as well as accurate step tracking, although it's worth mentioning it is not quite as accurate as the Fitbit Charge 2.

It isn't quite as good at exercise tracking as there is no way to tell the UP3 you are about to do an activity before you've actually done it, so it's not great for gym goers or for those who want more detailed workout analysis such as active heart rate tracking. For everyone else though, the UP3 is a fantastic choice.

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Pocket-lintWithings Activite

7. Withings Activité |

The Withings Activité is Swiss Made and consequently most expensive version of the Activité range. It features a beautiful design with a fantastic build quality and although it appears to be an average analogue watch on first glance, it tracks your activity, counts your burned calories and monitors your sleep patterns.

There is an 8-month battery life and a decent app that is great when it comes to linking up with other platforms such as MyFitnessPal. The Withings Activité has its flaws like others on this list, the most irritating of which is not counting steps properly if you aren't moving your arm but for those after a stylish activity tracker, this is the one to beat.

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Pocket-lintFitbit Blaze |

The Fitbit Blaze brings all the features of the older Fitbit Charge HR, but adds text notifications, music control, a coloured touchscreen and connected GPS, along with a couple of other additions. Don't mistake it for a smartwatch - it isn't. The Blaze is more of a smart fitness watch that adds a couple of smart features, such as the ability to accept or reject incoming calls, but it has no third party app support.

The Blaze's display is beautiful and the Fitbit platform is fantastic, but it's not the tracker for everyone. It has some great features, including the Multi-Sport tracking, automatic activity recognition and the FitStar workouts. The price is much higher than the newer Charge 2 though - and you don't get a whole lot extra functionality for your money.

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Pocket-lintWithings Activite Steel |

The Withings Activité Steel is another beautiful and well-made device and it comes with a saving of £180 compared to the original Activité, even if that means a few compromises. Like the other Activité devices, the Steel is all about managing expectations.

If you want a step tracker that you can wear everyday as a replacement for a watch then it's the ideal companion. If you're looking for a smartwatch or sportswatch that will reward you at the gym, give you accurate calories or even decent running data then this is not the answer, nor does it claim to be. The Withings Activité Steel is a great device for getting you up, moving and looking good while you do it. 

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Pocket-lintWithings Go |

The Withings Go is one of the cheapest activity trackers out there. Its E Ink display couldn't be called pretty but it is functional for showing step progress and, therefore, a good choice. The biggest problem the Go faces is that there isn't a huge price difference between the budget and higher-end of the activity tracking market so an extra £50 could get you a better looking and more capable tracker.

For those who want what's essentially a glorified pedometer with a few extra features, the Go is a great choice. For those after a proper activity tracker, there are better options out there providing you can afford to spend a little extra.

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Pocket-lintMisfit Ray |

The Misfit Ray is a good-looking and affordable activity tracker. Its subtle design means it can be worn alongside a traditional watch without looking like you're doubling-down to placate your time-telling OCD. No need to constantly recharge it is a big plus point too.

Its activity tracking is basic though and not hugely accurate from our experience, while the app platform is not nearly as comprehensive as some competitors. That tube design isn't the most comfortable to wear either. Misfit does have price on its side however and the customised accessories might add more appeal too. 

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