The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year might have had little in the way of new product categories it hasn't disappointed in the amount of products available to ogle at.

It's been a big year for automobiles, for example, and televisions have embraced the higher resolutions 4K Ultra HD video brings. And then there's the Internet of Things. Just about everything is connected to the cloud or a home network these days. Even baby bottles and trouser belts - we kid you not.

However, of all the devices and gadgets we've spied around the show, it's actually fairly easy to pick our favourites. Certain products have really stood out, especially when we've been looking for things that could make a real impact later in the year.

Some of them could even be the catalyst for future, even better products to come over the following 12 months. Let's hope so. We do love an interesting gadget or two.

So check out the gallery and details above for a whole swathe of products we were drawn to during this year's CES.

And as Pocket-lint will be at the show for the whole week, check back as we'll add more of our favourites as we come across them. Also check out our dedicated CES 2015 hub for all the latest news and hands-ons.