CES 2015 has kicked off in Vegas and among the thousands of products hoping to get themselves noticed, there have been a few gems unveiled for making your home smarter.

The smarthome category has been making some serious waves in the tech world over the last few months. From smartphone controlled heating and lighting, to a kettle you can set to boil while still sat at your desk and it seems those waves are set to get bigger as even more solutions are announced.

We have rounded up some of our favourite smarthome gadgets from CES 2015, but we will continue to update this feature as more catch our eye.

Belkin has added to its WeMo line up of connected plugs and devices with a range of sensors that include motion sensors, door sensors, window sensors and even a keychain, all of which will allow you to keep an eye on your home and those within it from afar.

The sensors can be monitored via the dedicated app and the company is hoping the sensors will be used by people to automate their lives more.

The WeMo Keychain sensor is a small fob that allows for individual tracking and it can be put on a keychain, a pet's collar or in a bag, sending alerts when its carrier is at home or away.

Honeywell showed off its new Lyric-branded product at CES 2015, a range that has been described by the company as a "professional-grade home security system".


The Lyric system features cameras, a touchscreen controller, support for voice commands, along with motion, smoke and intruder detectors and its goal is to allow you to remotely control your home and its security.

The system will integrate with other home automation products like thermostats, lighting and shades, and it will allow you to arm or disarm it by saying "Hello Lyric...I'm home" or "I'm leaving", depending on what you have set it to do.

There has been no word on pricing or availability just yet but we will let you know as soon as we hear.

LG has been busy at this year's CES, with a couple of smarthome products arriving on the scene including a Twin Wash System that features two drums and a new version of its LG Styler, a clothing management system that refreshes clothes without detergents.

The LG Twin Wash System is designed to combat the problem of "colours vs whites" by offering a washing machine that has a standard drum as well as a mini washer underneath, along with a range of technologies such as TurboWash and TurboSteam.

The LG Styler has the capacity for four items of clothing and it will refresh them, get rid of bad smells, shake out wrinkles and put a perfect crease in your trousers. Both the LG Twin Wash System and the LG Styler have NFC on board for downloading extra cycles directly from your smartphone to the machines.

Misfit unveiled a smart bulb at CES 2015 called Bolt, which is not only wirelessly connected and colour changing like Philips Hue, but this clever little number is also compatible with the Misfit activity and sleeping trackers.

Misfit Bolt can be controlled using the Misfit Home app, or the Logitec Harmony Home remote and app, and it allows users to transform their environments with either one of the millions of colour combinations or by creating lightscapes from pre-made scenes or photos.

No hub is necessary and Bolt will sync with your Misfit sleep sensing products to gently wake you up with a sunrise simulation during your lightest stages of sleep.

The Misfit Bolt is available for pre-order now from Misfit.com and it will cost you $49.99.

Nest has used CES 2015 to announce a list of partners that will be involved in its Works with Nest programme that was launched in June 2014 and has since seen the list of compatible devices continually expand.


The partners unveiled at the show included Whirlpool, Philips Hue and Withings, among others, allowing you to do all sorts, from a notification via your lights when Nest Protect detects a problem to a quiet washing machine cycle when you're home.

There are also door locks that can turn your heating off when you leave and Nest will also be able to talk to your Chargepoint electric car charger to let you know when it's a good time to power up your car.

Belkin isn't the only company planning to help you monitor your home and those in it with Netatmo also diving into this space with the Netatmo Welcome home monitoring camera.

The camera will secretly record who passes it, as well as who by using facial recognition software to detect different members of your family or unknown faces.

A historical timeline will present you with all the movement the camera has recorded and the data is stored locally on a microSD in the back of the device.

Samsung has launched a new robotic vacuum cleaner - the POWERbot VR9000 - that the company promises will perform as well on carpets as on hard floors and deliver up to 60 times more powerful suction than robots that have gone before it.

There is an extra-wide rectangular brush that is said to be four inches wider than conventional robot vacuums so no side brushes are necessary and the Height Performance FullView SensorTM is said to detect even small objects, which would address another problem of current robot vacuums.

There are also a range of features on board including Visionary MappingTM Plus System that creates a map of your home to calculate the most efficient cleaning path. The POWERbot V9000 will come in an Airborne Copper colour and will be available in Spring 2015.

The company responsible for the iKettle has taken things one step further by announcing a bean-to-cup app controlled coffee machine, set to arrive in March.

The Wi-Fi connected coffee machine will be controlled via the free iOS or Android app and not only will it wake you up to let you know when your morning cup of coffee is ready, but a "Welcome Home" mode can also be set that starts making you a cup when you get home.

The Smarter coffee machine lets you know when it needs a refill and it will even ask you if you want a cup, but perhaps even more exciting is that it allows you to create recipes via IFTTT.com, so you could set it to start making coffee based on your location, for example.

Invoxia's Triby is a Wi-Fi connected magnetic speakerphone that can be fixed to anything metal, ideally somewhere in the kitchen.

There is an E Ink display that will present digital posts and images, which can be sent through the app and if a post isn't read, the Triby will print out a real plastic post-it.

The Triby will also let you take calls, listen to music via Bluetooth and play digital radio, plus you can call it from the app too, essentially making it a private line to the room it is in.