Apple is always working on its next iPhone and naturally that will continually be met with excitement. That's why photos of the next big thing will be mocked up in renders, leak online and appear ahead of the official release.

The next iPhone which, at this early stage, could be an iPhone 7, more likely an iPhone 6S, or even an iPhone 6C. Certainly, the rumour mill is already fired up with word of Apple releasing not two but three new models with the current 5-inch and 5.5-inch models as well as a new smaller 4-inch version.

One rumour that has a big effect on the look of the next generation of iPhone relates to a bezel free screen. After all, this is something that all manufacturers are striving for in order to present an ultimate futuristic looking handset. It might be trickier on the iPhone, Apple will need to keep its fingerprint reading Touch ID home button for example, but some believe it's achievable.

Other rumours are also surfacing about the iPhone 6S being faster, slimmer, lighter and stronger than any model that has gone before it. So when concept artists are contemplating their renders, these are elements considered too.

We've collected all the best images from the internet so far. If they're renders, leaks or even official we've got them in this gallery which will be constantly updated as new images appear. Enjoy flipping through the shots and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.