Calm down, take a deep breath and be assured by the words: It's never too late to buy for Christmas. If you're reading this hours before midnight at the pub on Christmas eve, yes even you can be saved.

We've found the very best presents to buy at the last minute before Crimbo. Whether they be online only or gadget related or just from a site that specialises in these situations, we've rounded it up.

You can buy a star. Well almost, you can buy the name for someone as a gift. A great gift that doesn't require wrapping and can be bought at the very last minute. Just walk the person outside on Christmas eve and show them you've given them the gift of interstellar permanency.

Stars can be named on where prices start at £39 and go up to £200 if you want something really big like a supernova.

Amazon was ready for those last minute needs. It's got a selection of gift vouchers you can send in varying ways depending on how last minute you are.

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If you're seeing someone the next day there is an option to get a one-day delivery of a voucher in a card or a gift box. If that's too late then you can print your own card off with the voucher inside. And if you're beyond even that and won't see the person there's an email version you can send directly to the lucky person.

Prices range from £1 up to a whopping £1,000 if you're feeling really guilty about leaving it until the last minute.

A spa day is a great way to cover for the fact you've left shopping too late, or just can't stand the shops this time of year. At Christmas sites like and have some great deals on spa days with varying levels of price.

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You can give the gift of relaxation in the new year with a massage, or perhaps a weekend break at a hotel spa with nail pampering included. The options are varied and on Christmas day all you have to present is a print off showing what they have in store for them.

In a rather odd choice Asus has decided to release its Android Wear ZenWatch in the UK on 23 December. It's last minute so it'll cost you at £200, but it should be worth that. If you have a chance to get to a shop the person with this will one of very few.

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So why is the ZenWatch a bit more pricey than other Android Wear devices? The focus when making it was on quality with a curved Gorilla Glass face and premium 22mm stitched leather strap and what Asus calls a "unique clasp". All that and its water resistant so can be worn in the shower, but probably not for swimming.

Pick one up at Currys and PC World from 23 December.

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Flowers are never a bad present and with Interflora there are more options like Christmas hampers, champagne, chocolates, personalised cupcakes and more.

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Don't expect deliveries to be made on Christmas day but if you get in early enough you can expect to receive all your gifts, pre-wrapped making shopping last minute far easier.

Apple offers a selection of iTunes vouchers that you can quickly pick up in any Apple Store. You can also order them online, of course, but if you're really tight for time one of these in a card should do the trick.

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Apple offers £25, £50 and £100 iTunes gift vouchers.

The selection of hampers online is vast, there's got to be something for everyone. And if you are seeing someone on Christmas day the promise of something for the New Year is a great way to avoid the blues of Christmas ending.

Googlevery last minute christmas gift ideas image 2 has everything from beer, wine and spirits to chocolate, cakes and cheeses – there are even new baby gift hampers. Prices range from £20 right up to £275.

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