Wine is still around, and going strong, after being invented way back in 6000BC so it's only fair we treat it with respect. And by that we mean using the best gadgetry to get the ultimate wine drinking experience.

From drinking wine at the right temperature to presenting it in the most awe-inspiring fashion, it all goes towards the ultimate experience. So to make the best of your plonk check out a few of these items from around the web.

This is a revolutionary wine drinking system that allows you to access wine without opening the bottle. Yes you read that right.

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The Coravin uses a medical grade needle to slide through the bottle's cork to extract wine and then slides back up allowing the cork to reform. By not boring away at the cork the seal is maintained in the bottle. The Coravin system also uses argon gas capsules to create a perfect seal in the system. The result is a wine that will last for years even after you've enjoyed a glass.

The Coravin 1000 Wine Access System is available now from Coravin for £269.

If you've not got enough space in the fridge, just bought a new bottle of wine or simply forgot to chill it then the Fontaine high speed chiller is one for you. This little space-age looking chiller simply needs to be loaded with ice and water and it will cool to 15 degrees Celsius in 3 minutes, 10 degrees in 8 minutes, 8 degrees in 10 minutes and 6 degrees in 13 minutes.

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The chiller features an LED display and 5 modes for different wine types, it also auto shuts off and features a spin mode for fast and even cooling.

The Fontaine high speed wine bottle chiller is £60 on prezzybox.

Worn like a necklace this Jakob Wagner designed thermometer sits on your wine bottle to measure the temperature. It's easily slid over and onto the bottle making changing it, after a few bottles, easy even for the wobbly handed.

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By reaching the ideal temperature you'll be able to make sure the wine is being enjoyed at its optimum. If you're not familiar with Fahrenheit you may have to Google the translation as it only uses that measurement.

The Menu Vignon Thermometer is available now on design55online for £22.

Opening a bottle of wine can be an embarrassing affair if you mess it up. Technology to the rescue. Spend a little more than you would on a normal opener and you can let the wonders of science and electricity do all the work for you.

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The Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Bottle Opener is ultra light and cordless with an ergonomic design that lets you grip easily as the cork is removed. The power is good for 40 wine bottle openings before needing a charge in its included charging base.

The Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Bottle Opener is available now on Amazon for £22.

Geek decanters are not only novel but they're functional too. This scientist's Erlenmeyer Flask can hold just over 2 litre of wine, or a magnum for those that buy them. It includes a glass stopper to keep the aromas locked in, and the wine in good condition, if a magnum is too much all at once. But above all else, of course, it will decant the wine for the perfect flavour.

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And if you want to keep track of drinking there are graduated markings along the sides. Pick one up from thinkgeek for $25 which is about £16.

An essential for anyone with butter fingers, or those who tend to drink one glass too many. It might not look too classy but strap this holder round your neck and you don't need to worry about spillage. Worried when drinking red wine on your luxury white rug? Worry no more. Although white rugs are reserved for super-villains so maybe worry about that choice instead.

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The Wine Stem Glass Holder is on for £26, or pay US shipping fees and get it for $10 from

Waste not want not goes the saying. But pushing a cork back in a wine bottle is as good as smashing it on the floor if you're going to leave it any length of time. But use a wine saver pump to suck the air out of the bottle and it will keep for even longer.

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The Vacu Vin is cheap, comes with two stoppers and works easily with a simple pump. The pump will click to alert you that the bottle is devoid of air when it's ready. It works will all wines except sparkling. You can pick one up on Amazon for £7.50.

The newly released Grapeful app is aimed at wine drinkers who want a guide for, and a little more depth to, their wine drinking experience. 


The app, on iOS and Android, allows users to write in what they're eating and the app will suggest a wine to compliment the meal. Or if a person wants to find a wine based on certain characteristics they can type those in and the app will tell them the best wine to match that. It will also locate places where wines can be bought. 

The app also works with restaurants to let you know what wines are on the menu as well as offering pairings with food in that eatery. The app even has a host of wine facts to help you learn or to impress others. 

Grapeful is free to download on Google Play or the App Store.

This is less tech focused and more for the gamer geeks out there. A wine glass that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling remembering gaming of old, while giving you that warm fuzzy feeling that only wine can offer.

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Pick one of these hand painted glasses up from Etsy for £18.39.

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