When that magical time of year arrives where houses start to become light shows of decorations you'd be forgiven for feeling left out, stood there in normal non-flashing clothes. That's one reason why Christmas jumpers are such a great idea. Another is that you get to show off your geek knowledge by finding the most unique of jumpers.

To make your mission to achieve Christmas-geek-cool a reality we've trawled the interwebs for the best geek Christmas jumpers out there. If you've ordered and not got yours delivered in time for your work Christmas party then your chance to give to charity hasn't been missed, so don't hold back.

From superheroes to Star Wars, everything geek cool has made its way onto a Christmas jumper this year. From ridiculous patterns that make you dizzy to blank canvases you can edit yourself, Christmas jumpers offer more options than ever for originality.

So whether you've got a work Christmas party to go to, want to have the best Christmas jumper on Christmas Jumper day, want to buy one as a gift, or just haven't tried a proper Christmas jumper before, now's the time to give it a go. Check out the gallery for the best options out there right now.