If you're anything like us, you're trying to watch as many Christmas films as possible over the holiday season.

There are tonnes of films to choose from after all, including cult classics, cute newbies, and of course the occasional oddballs that you secretly love. But instead of trudging through the snow to a video store (if those even exist anymore) to get physical copies, you should just step into the 21st century and stream them.

From YouTube to Netflix, movie-streaming services are aplenty. All you have to do is browse the gallery above, pick a movie and streaming service, and watch.

We've included links to all of them for US sites. Some might work in the UK too, but we'll also bring you another guide for Brits to enjoy.

Some of the US versions we've chosen cost a tiny bit of money, while others are free. We've even included some non-traditional Holiday movies. 

You'll also find trailers and ratings for each of the 66 movies above. Happy Christmas!