They can be the toughest people to shop for, or the easiest – it's just about knowing what dads like. Gadgets are usually a good bet with power tools, flying toys, micro chargers and more all near guaranteed to keep the old man happy be it his birthday, Father's Day or Christmas.

We've rounded up the best kit to make shopping for fathers easy.

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When it comes to power tools the One+ system from Ryobi makes buying new kit cheaper. It works by allowing the one battery to work across the range of One+ tools. So if you buy this 18V cordless drill, which also has hammer drill function, along with the included battery you only need to buy the tool on its own for his next present.

The One+ system has indoor and outdoor tools including jigsaws, sanders, grinders, leaf blowers and more.

This system means he'll only need one charger with him when he's lugging his kit round to your house to help fix your next botched DIY attempt. An investment and a present then at £70 from B&Q.

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Anything that can fly is going to go down well as a dad present. And yes those words were chosen carefully as most flying gifts do indeed end up crashing and going down soon after they are started up. That's why self-balancing drones are worth spending a little extra on.

The Husban X4 H107D FPV might have a silly name but it's a whole lot of kit for Amazon's £109 price tag. It comes with a built-in camera for a live video feed meaning it can go off to its 100 metre range even when out of sight.  

The battery lasts about 7 minutes, claims Hubsan, and recharges to full via USB in 30 minutes.

For those that want a cheaper option there's the Hubsan X4 V2 H107L which doesn't have a camera but manages 9 minutes on a half hour charge and costs £28 on Amazon

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Making shaving less of a chore is surely a great gift. Whether a wet shave man or a stubbly fellow this Philips has your dad covered as it comes with a detachable stubble trimmer.

In it's most basic form the razor can manage the wet shave look using the close shaver. But attach the trimmer and it will deal with longer hair – ideal after forgetting to shave for a few days, or over the Christmas holiday.

The Philips YS527/17 Click razor is currently half price on Argos where you can get it for £50.


Why limit your old man to building Lego with the kids pretending he's only doing it for them when you can give him his own toy that offers total freedom? The 3Doodler is a 3D printing pen that heats ABS plastic and extrudes it in a liquid form.

The quick drying plastic allows creations of anything the user can imagine, including 3D structures that reach up into the air. From designing his next DIY project to showing off how cutting edge his kit is this will be loved by any dad.

The 3Doodler is on Maplin for £100.

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This wallet friendly tool should leave the old man feeling ready to save the day in any man-skills testing situation.

The Wallet Ninja features a whopping 18 different functions including, deep breath: bottle opener, hex wrench, ruler, screw driver, can opener/fruit peeler, letter opener, box opener and phone stand.

All that and it's made from four time heat-treated steel so it should last him as long as it takes him to lose his wallet. It's only £9 on Firebox.

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If your dad doesn’t own a charger for his mobile yet he'll appreciate something discreet enough to carry without noticing which will give him a bit more battery when needed.

Probably the smallest portable charger is Fuel. So small that it can even fit on your keychain. That means a 220mAh battery, which isn't much, but is enough to extend your phone's life by up to half an hour of talk time. All that and it's only £25 on Firebox. Be warned this is micro USB only so no iPhone fans here.

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Heineken has come up with the ultimate home draught beer solution: The Sub. This €250 bit of kit allows its owner to buy five pint  "Torps" of beer which load into The Sub like a cartridge which it cools and pumps out. The result is a perfectly cooled and ideally carbonated beer.

The Torps will cost around €6-8 which will be available when The Sub ships in the UK at the start of 2015. So while you can't buy it now you could give a gift voucher for this beery future that's a great present to look forward to.

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