Whether you are holidaying or into outdoor pursuits, here are a selection of sports and travel gadgets to keep even the fittest of your mates and family grateful this Christmas. 


Rugged, water resistant and built for the outdoors, this Bluetooth speaker has been designed to take a beating. It delivers 6W total output (3W per channel) that will enable your audio to fill a room with crisp, full sound or roll across a field - http://amzn.to/1ycMo41.


The Bang & Olufsen Form 2i headphones are an ultra-light and stylish on-ear headphone with an impressive and honest stereo sound. Form 2i features an in-line microphone, 3-button remote and an improved comfort design. It even builds upon the popularity of its predecessor  - http://amzn.to/1BJnoat.

Twelve South

The Twelve South Apple MacBook PlugBug World USB Charger with Power AC Plug creates a dual charger for MacBook +, iPad and iPhone allowing you to charge multiple devices on the go from a single socket. If that wasn't enough, global travellers get to benefit from the pack's five different AC plugs to fit most global electrical outlets - http://amzn.to/14zlDOd.


This Apple-certified mobile battery charger has enough power to charge an iPhone to 90 per cent charge in just one hour. With its rounded aluminium case and five LED power indicators the Gum++ sports a 6,000mAh battery delivering enough power to recharge the iPhone up to three times before needing more juice - http://amzn.to/11dGjJA.


The STM Bags Drifter Backpack for 15-inch MacBooks or Laptops has loads of compartments for books, shoes, clothing and anything else you can think of for that matter - as well as the snug pocket for your notebook, of course. It also has a detachable rain cover in case of a sudden downpour - http://amzn.to/1vkGCzC.


This ultra-thin, 1,500mAh protective battery case made for iPhone 5 & 5s fits snuggly around your iPhone keeping it safe and powered for the day. 13 per cent thinner than any of the company's previous iPhone juice packs it is so thin you won't believe there's a battery inside - http://amzn.to/1xIkCgl.

This device can charge virtually any two USB devices simultaneously with its dual charging ports making it an amazing accessory for those with multiple gadgets (isn't that all of us?). Packing 6,000mAh of charge, there should be more than enough juice to get you out of trouble no matter what gadgets you are packing - http://amzn.to/1qP34Ks.


What's better than always having a cable on you to be able to charge your iPhone or iPad? A cable that comes with a built-in bottle opener that's what! And that's exactly what the GoBuddy does - http://amzn.to/1qP0Nz3.