There are hundreds of gadgets out there, some much more exciting than others. It could be the latest smartwatch, delivering notifications directly to your wrist, or a quirky external battery pack to keep your devices charged up.

Either way, gadgets make excellent gifts for girls and boys and with Valentines coming up, we thought it was time to round a couple of them up.

This particular feature focuses on the best tech gifts for girls because girls love a gadget too, especially when you combine them with lovely things. We have included everything from smartwatches that are suitable for a smaller wrist to handbags that are dedicated to carrying tech, from iPads to smartphones. There's even a cool camera with eyelashes in this list, as well as a handbag that doubles up as a speaker. What more could you possibly want?

Whether you are looking for yourself, a friend or for a special person in your life, let us show you some of the best gadgets out there for girls. As usual, we will update this list as we come across more, but for now, here are 17 of the best girly gadgets to consider.

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