There are plenty of sales periods throughout the year, no just limited to the holidays and summer anymore. However, there is one in particular that has become something of a worldwide phenomenon: Black Friday.

Coupled with Cyber Monday, Black Friday offers incredible deals from multiple retailers online and in-store. The main action happens on just one day, but there are plenty of bargains to be had on the build up too.

So, without further ado, read on to find out when this year's Black Friday will kick-off, what it involves and some of the offers you should keep in mind.

Originally a US-only event, Black Friday has since stretched across the pond and to other regions too. It is a day in November, usually straight after the US holiday of ThanksGiving, where retailers heavily discount thousands of items on the build up to Christmas.

Quite often these are tech items, including TVs, laptops and videogames, but you can even find alcohol and clothes amongst the bargains.

It lasts an entire day traditionally, but some retailers start their Black Friday deals early, including Amazon in the US and UK, which often starts its sales period a week or so beforehand.

Black Friday is usually followed by Cyber Monday - a specifically online event the Monday after that essentially carries on the bargains for an extra day.

This year, Black Friday will take place on Friday 24 November. Cyber Monday will be held on Monday 27 November.

Expect deals to start appearing on or around Monday 20 November.

Last year, Amazon started its Black Friday sales almost two weeks before the day itself. We fully expect the same this time too.

It hosts a range of lightning deals and longer sales across all sorts of products, and especially its own devices, such as the Amazon EchoEcho Dot and Fire TV Stick. For lightning deals you'll have to be fast, but you can watch forthcoming deals. Amazon will also host daily deals, with some real bargains to be had.

Argos runs deals all through the year, but Black Friday is a time to get something special. Last year, it had some great bargains on tablets, TVs and games consoles but there are cheaper goods to be had in almost every category it covers.

Boots might not be top of your list for the latest electronic, but if you're after grooming products or something else healthcare related, it's a good place to start Christmas shopping. It generally has sales for just the one day, so you need to be quick.

Carphone Warehouse always offers a range of deals on mobile devices, tablets and accessories. It runs its Black Friday bargains for 24 hours, both in store and online.

Currys/PC World offers a range of deals all the time but goes to town on Black Friday, both online and in-store. Last year it had massive bargains on LG and Samsung TVs, Dyson cleaners and HP laptops, so it always discounts some crackers from major manufacturers. Currys told us that in 2015, it sold 30 TVs a minute on Black Friday and in 2016 even topped that record.

You can expect the Currys/PC World deals to go live at 6am on Black Friday itself, 24 November.

eBay is the land of deals for many, be that new from store outlets, or from individuals who have something that you want, but they don't. Traditionally, there a full range of deals available through eBay, and although they haven't specifically been positioned as Black Friday deals, it's always worth looking. Games consoles, in particular, were very cheap last year.

EE's Black Friday usually takes the form of some major deals on handsets, although you can also get bargains on price plans and PAYG deals too.

John Lewis has a commitment to be "Never Knowingly Undersold" so, as the site points out, it has to "match competitors' prices". The advantage with John Lewis is that it offers aftercare and often guaranteed cover for five years for many products, which is ideal for big gadgets like TVs or laptops.

The John Lewis Black Friday deals will start at midnight on 23 November, we expect.

Game starts pushing a range of offers on consoles and games early, but you can expect some even bigger deals come Black Friday. Generally these take the form of extra games added to bundles, if you're looking for a new machine.

With the Xbox One X coming out prior to Black Friday, it might be worth hovering over Game's site on the day for any bundle deals for the new console.

Marks & Spencer generally jumps on board the Black Friday bandwagon, although there doesn't tend to be that much technology on its site. However, it does sell a range of activity trackers and other items, and has formerly offered great deals on Fitbit, for example. is part of the Dixons Carphone group and a strong competitor when it comes to price. It has some great offers on the day and will no doubt soon add a page where you can be notified of any deals.

O2 isn't a big Black Friday participant but could be tempted to offer some major discounts this year considering its competitors will.

TalkTalk has taken the unprecedented step of starting its Black Friday deals a month early. It is heavily discounting its fibre and standard broadband packages until 2 November 2017, and as customers can fix their prices for 18 months, you'll be able to stick to the discounted price for a year-and-a-half.

A TalkTalk Fast Broadband package offers up to 17Mbps speeds for £19.95 a month. There are no set-up fees (usually £60) and you get a free TalkTalk Super Router. It also includes line rental.

If you want faster speeds, the TalkTalk Faster Fibre deal could be up your street. It costs £25 a month for speeds up to 38Mbps. Set-up is again free, as is the router, and line rental fees are included.

Tesco usually has a countdown time on a dedicated Black Friday site soon before the day kicks off. Last year, it also gave you the opportunity to the latest offers in advance, as well as register as a new customer to make sure you're ready to go when the clock hits zero.

Tesco Black Friday deals usually last a week or so.

Three always has something planned for Black Friday, promising lots of deals on the big day.

And prior to the event you will be able to sign up for details. We'll let you know when that option is available.

Vodafone will be taking part in Black Friday for the fourth year, we expect. It also ran a countdown clock on its site prior to the day so it's more than likely to do the same again.

It offered great deals on phones and tablets in 2016, so fingers crossed.

Dyson, manufacturer of high-end vacuums, lighting, driers and fans always slashes prices for Black Friday. It will even start its deals before Black Friday, if last year is anything to go by.

HTC has long been a player in Black Friday and will likely be active in 2017 too.

Samsung always offers plenty of bargains across its online store. There's no indication that this year will be any different.

We will be updating highlighted deals across retailers and brands as and when they go live, both in the build up to Black Friday, the day itself and even throughout Cyber Monday.