With two-and-a-half years under its belt, the PlayStation 4 has matured into a fine games console and no mistake. PlayStation Now is in full swing, offering cloud gaming for a large library of quality PS3 games. And Spotify integration through the PlayStation Music service means you can stream tracks through the device, even with free membership.

But it is the games that have made the PS4 as popular as it is today. It is, after all, "for the players" and the gaming experience has always been central to Sony's philosophy for this console generation.

There's certainly plenty to choose from. Some might even think there's too many games out there now, especially if you have limited funds and are wondering which title would be best for your particular tastes.

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That's why we've put together a list of games we've enjoyed over the last couple of years, each of which having its own merits. Just click through our gallery above.

Some of them are brand new, having only recently hit stores, some have been around for a while - years even - but still offer a fantastic experience. The latter games might even be available for a hearty discount, so could make your budget stretch further.

So if you've just got a PS4, had one for a while, or are hoping to get one soon, here's a mighty list of games we recommend you should check out.